Friday, 18 January 2019

The Perfect Agent - Part 14

The darkness swirled around Matt and keeping track of time was impossible. Sensations shivered across his body but he was never truly conscious...a voice was there, constantly, too quiet to hear but impossible to ignore. Feminine and light, there were giggles and whispers...Was it Cassie's, Matt tried to concentrate on it but it was ethereal...compelling but just out of reach.

There was one moment of lucidity as he emerged from the drug induced trans for a few short minutes. Doctor Svetlana was there, smug and aloof as she had been. Matt tried to struggle but he was restrained as he had been, he tried to call out but a gag prevented it. He craned his head round and saw Doctor Alicia. A lifeline, someone sane in this maelstrom of insanity. He had to bide his time, wait until he could appeal to her. Sat in the corner was Venus, now dressed in a tight leather jumpsuit. He new curves making her look utterly stunning. She locked eyes with him and winked.

Svetlana took her mobile phone out of her pocket and began toying with it. A small yelp emanated from her colleague. The gorgeous eastern European beauty smiled towards Venus and continued tapping her phone...this time Alicia staggered and gasped.

"So Doctor Kane" said Svetlana, Alicia looked over her eyes seems glassy and he breathing laboured "You were adamant that no male should receive more than 25 mil of our magic potion....but Cassie desires her little pet to be given specialist treatment....How about we put him on a drip and flush 500 mil into the little bitch?". As she finished the sentence she swiped extravagantly across the length of the phone screen and Alicia's legs almost gave we, she groaned wantonly.

Venus stalked over to Svetlana and began toying with the phone screen as Svetlana continued "You know what that could do to the you want to raise any objections?". Matt craned round to see Alicia grab the medical bench for support and gasped "Please's too much".

Svetlana feigned a confused face "Too much Femitropin.....or too much fun with our new toy?" She touched the screen again and Alicia moaned in slutlike pleasure "Yes, yes...yesssssss".

Venus leaned towards Matt "You see hunnie, Alicia's moral compass was stressing her out so Cassie fixed it for her", she then went to Alicia and pulled open her lab coat. The pretty young doctor was naked underneath apart from a heavy metal belt around her groin and a couple of nasty looking nipple clamps. Venus cupped Alicia's breast with her leather clad hand and bent down to lick the tortured nipple.

Svetlana turned the screen to show Matt. It was a series of numbers and graphs surrounding a large dial-like display. "You see Cassie was worried Alicia was getting too stressed and taking things too serious so she slipped some of her little pleasure toys inside her and locked away the key. She allows us to play with the controls..." Svetlana swiped the dial up higher an instantly Alicia moaned with pleasure "...but the best bit is this...." she waited a 30 seconds in which time Alicia's groans became louder and more frantic, a graph on the screen rose and rose until just as the poor woman's moaning became orgasmic the screen pulsed and the dial was reset down to zero. Alicia cried out in pure frustration and robotically humped the air "Pleeeeeease" she sobbed "...please no more"

Svetlana turned back to Matt "You see these numbers here, she's been in that belt nearly 36 hours and so far the device has administered 106 near orgasms...Only Cassie's master controller will allow the poor little slut to climax.....isn't that wicked". Matt looked over to Alicia who was leaning on Venus, her body was now covered is a shiny sheen of sweat, she was breathing heavily from her exertions. Svetlana continued her lecture "It can also do this" and as she swiped another part of the app screen Alicia let out a shriek of pain and collapsed to the floor "....Sorry hunny, part of the demonstration. You don't mind do you. I promise to tell Cassie you were behaving yourself". Alicia merely sobbed and slowly allowed Venus to pick her up.

Svetlana slipped the phone into her pocket and turned back to Matt "So Doctor Kane, Cassie has asked us to give her new pet everything we've got so I am sure you don't mind giving him 500mils.....what else can you do to him to make the treatments more effective".

Alicia looked at Matt with a look of real sorrow "I guess....we could also administer 100mil of the sexual stimulants we've been developing....and some drugs to increase his sperm production to make him even more frustrated, maybe 100mil of that too"

Svetlana smiled wickedly "Anything else"

Alicia glowered at her colleague "Really?"

Svetlana stroked Alicia's face "You want me to give a good report to Cassie don't you"

Alicia thought for a moment "I could double the intensity of the subliminal messaging and sync it to an anal stimulator....and administer testosterone......he would be getting stimulated from all angles sensory overload".

Svetlana smiled "Cassie is going to be very pleased with you Doctor Kane....Administer 750mils of Femiptropin and 200 mil each of the stimulants"

Alicia muttered "Jeeeez" under her breath.

Svetlana returned with the syringes and a drip with a large back of oily, black Femitropin concentrate.

Alicia eyed the cocktail fearfully "This is an insane amount of this stuff to be putting into him"

Matt, remembering the instant hit of raw sexual stimulation from just 25 mil of the drug, groaned against his gagged

Alicia jabbed the needle into Matt's arm and injected the first of the stimulants into Matt, the second followed....she looked down on the bound prisoner with a mixture of pity and sorrow, finally she hooked him up to the Femitropin drip and opened the flood-gate. The viscous black serum flowed down the tube and as it entered his bloodstream Alicia stroked Matt's hair and whispered "I'm sorry".

The world went dark once again.