Monday, 18 September 2017

BBW Erotica bookmarks

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Perfect Agent - Chapter 10

Matt tried to process what had just happened...within a few minutes he had cracked the case and gained a major lead on the whereabouts of Agent Phillips and the "Femitropin" project then he had received a virtually open invite get to ground-zero of the whole mystery.

Cassie sached around the table and slid onto his lap and wrapped her arms around him. She wore a fresh coating of her ever-present perfume and pulled his head onto his chest and kissed the top of his head "We are going to have so much fun together" she purred.

Matt knew he had to take this opportunity but he also had to get message back to Verity and Samantha back at HQ. He wrapped his arms around Cassie and said "I can't wait".

They embraced for a short while then Matt said "I'll just need to find my phone and text my boss about going away and then go home to get my passport". He knew his phone was in his coat but he hadn't seen that since the journey home from the club last night.

Cassie looked down at him a smiled "I'll have Claudia find your phone but you won't need your passport. Private airfield, private travel first class when you travel with me darling".

Some minutes later Claudia brought his phone and Matt was relieved to see it still had some charge...not much but just enough to send a message to the number Samantha had given him. He stood looking out over London and, making sure he wasn't being observed quickly typed "suspect VP in Geneva. Leads on scientists and femitropin there also. Traveling there with CdM. Private plane. Investigated Kali Lab in Geneva"

He clicked send and breathed a sigh of relief, moments later the battery died but he was sure the message had gone.

Whilst he had been doing this Cassie and Claudia had been busy. They return with some clothes for Matt. Cassie smiled "We couldn't well have you being seen in public with leather trousers and a lipstick covered vest now could we...We got you this"

"This" consisted of a hoodie, some light slip-on shoes and a pair of thin cotton trousers. There was no socks or underwear. As Matt dressed, Cassie maintained her stroking and fondling, she kissed his neck and said "Whilst we travel you lessons can continue darling" she snaked her hand into the pocket of Matt's trousers and he quickly learnt that there was no lining as Cassie's hand began stroking his cock. As she did this Claudia re-appeared with a black length of fabric. She passed it to Cassie and then snaked her hand into the other pocket of the trousers taking over the gentle masturbation from her employer. This left Cassie free to dangle the fabric in front of Matt "These are wrist restraints...whilst we are traveling you are going to be totally at our mercy, is that okay?"

Matt, had little choice, he had to get to Geneva and his only hope was to follow Cassie's lead. He nodded hesitantly and was rewarded with a kiss for his new dominatrix. Soon she had restrained his wrists through the front pocket of the hoodie. Although he was helpless a casual observer would not notice anything out of place. Five minutes later they were in the lift heading down to the garage. The final touch to Matt's outfit was a pair of sunglasses with the lenses blacked out and a set of headphones. As the lift doors closed Cassie attached an mp3 player and started playing a series of wonderfully filthy erotica audiobooks.

Although Matt couldn't see it she looked at her latest project and smiled "Perfect she thought"

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The Milking Series by Sardax

Sardax is well known amongst kinksters for is AWESOME femdom themed art.

This is some of his best work, I thought I'd share it with you.

The Milking Series

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Lezdom Erotica bookmarks

and a bit of lezdom too

Friday, 30 June 2017

Feminization Erotica bookmarks

Femdom hypnosis / asmr videos

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Lost in Fashion - Part 15.4

After about half an hour Jenny stirred and got up from the bed. She gazed at her shaved, lipstick covered body and, despite having only just cum, a thrill of arousal pulsed through her body.

The click of a camera-phone told her that Amanda was awake too. She turned and smiled "Looks like I need another shower" she giggled.

Amanda smiled wickedly "No. I pick your outfits remember kitten...for today my lipstick marks are what you will wear all day". Jenny stood open mouthed...he pussy tingled at Amanda's words.

"Seriously?" she said

"Seriously!" Replied Amanda emphatically.

Jenny looked down at the smears of red placed across her skin. A full day being utterly naked in the apartment...who knew what wicked torments Amanda would dream up. It seemed she was committing to the role of Mistress even more now they were together. It was hugely exciting but also a little scary. Outrageous thoughts flooded through her mind. Impromptu gropes, sex sessions on various pieces of furniture, visitors popping round and finding her like this....the last one in particular made her breathless but also terrified her "If someone visits I will need to grab something to wear though" she asked

Amanda knew she had to be very careful not to push Jenny too far too soon and so smiled "we'll keep that scarf close to hand then, you made that into a pretty decent dress"

This seems to satisfy Jenny, she smiled and said "Deal".

Amanda rose from the bed and hugged Jenny "okay then...I'd love to spend all day in bed with my adorable new girlfriend but we probably should get up"

Just the word "girlfriend" made Jenny tingle. It was simply wonderful to hear Amanda say it "Is that what we are? Girlfriends?" She asked. Then feeling the question was a little bit ambiguous as to her feelings on the matter she timidly added "...cause I really like the sound of it"

Amanda was similarly excited by saying it out loud. She smiled broadly "You are my girlfriend now Jennifer....but the Mistress and kitten thing is what got us here....we are going to have to do some thinking about it. Rules and boundaries. I don't want to go crazy and turn into a psycho but I can't tell you how much I love having my little kitten...tell me I am not the only one".

Jenny smiled bashfully "It's the most exciting thing I've ever experienced..." then she realised she was dangerously close to giving Amanda carte blanche to control her so quickly added "But I take your point about being sensible" trying her best to be casual. In truth Jenny was a bit scared, not scared of Amanda but scared of of herself and the ease with which she surrendered to her new lover.

Amanda was already thinking one step ahead and pressed home her advantage " I am going to spend today reading up about....well, this sort of thing and then I will share what I've found with you and we can agree some ground rules"

Jenny nodded "Sounds good"

Amanda continued "Whereas you, young lady, owe Professor LeVieux a couple of diary entries by my reckoning"

Jenny had completely forgotten about her commitment to document her new life as part of their acceptance on Professor LeVieux's honour role programme. She looked down and opened her arms wide "Do I really have to tell her everything" she asked

Amanda chuckled "Edited highlights, I really want you to make notes on that sexit pig in the cocktail bar. Maybe skirt around a couple of the..." she reached to Jenny and squeezed her buttock "...juicy details".

And so for the afternoon the two girls sat in the living room with laptops working on their respective projects. Amanda in her designer dress and Jenny as naked and hairless as the day she was born. They couldn't stop glancing at each other and smiling and the temptation to both rush off to the bedroom again was clear. Amanda ordered a shopping delivery and teased Jenny about sending her down to the door to meet the delivery guy.

About 5pm Amanda looked up and noticed Jenny was on her phone, she thought nothing of it until in a moment of icy dread she realised that Jenny was almost certainly about to tweet her online domme, if she did this then Amanda's phone would beep straight away. She hurriedly fished it out of her pocket as Jenny's fingers danced over the screen. Desperate trying to avoid calling attention to herself she swiped the phone into life and discretly tapped in the pin. She switched the phone onto silent and literally half a second later the twitter icon appear in the top left-hand corner. "Phew" thought Amanda "...too close".

About five minutes later Amanda opened Twitter on her laptop, the screen faced directly away from Jenny so she knew she was safe. She saw a tweet waiting for her online alter-ego :

@KtheDomme i went back to the appartment, it was okay. me and Mistress spent the night together. It was amazing. Thanks so much for your advice.

She stifled a smile and casually typed a reply

@fashionslavex So you are her sub now? How wonderful. Am happy to lend advice kitten.

Jenny's phone was not on silent and so buzzed straight away. Amanda almost burst out laughing as Jenny tried to nonchalantly grab it and check the messag. She typed the reply

@KtheDomme We are working things out. It's very intense. I will definitely pick your brains when we know more about how it will work.

Then Amanda signed off with

@fashionslavex best of luck to you and your Mistress kitten

About 8pm Amanda put for laptop aside. "I do have one naughty idea though, how about a quick selfie to Georgina to tell her the news...nothing pornographic...just a little teaser"

Jenny nodded, it seemed like a sensible idea. There was probably no way they could hide the fact they were together from her and given their intimacy and Georgina's bohemian, hedonistic lifestyle there seemed little point in keeping their relationship a secret.

Amanda smiled "Also it might mean the little nympho keeps her hands off us". The two girls laughed and then Amanda snuggled up against Jenny and lined up a headshot of the two of them. As she took it she turned and kissed Jenny on the cheek then Jenny herself turned to kiss Amanda on the lips and another pic was taken, finally both girls smiled at the camera and as Amanda pressed the button Jenny waved. They reviewed the three pictures...They were beautiful images of two girls in the glorious, joyous flush of a new relationship. It was clear Jenny had nothing covering her shoulders but nothing was really showing. Amanda typed 'So....this happened' and selected Georgina as the recipient. She handed the phone to Jenny "Your call....are you happy with me sending them?"

Jenny smiled as she looked at the pictures. Without a seconds hesitation she clicked send. "I am happy about everything" she said, then blushed. Amanda simply wanted to scream with joy. Her throat tightened and for a second she actually thought she might cry.

About 20 minutes later Amanda's phone lit up and Amanda read out the reply for Georgina "Awww guys! Too cute. Loving it...we will have to celebrate tomorrow with more treat".

They were both just reading Georgina's message when a second one arrived "By the way I have some news of my own". The two girls gasped as they opened the accompanying image. It was over Heidi, a restrained Heidi handcuffed to bed. More images followed "This little slut popped round....I am not sure I'll let her go". The next image showed her full body spread-eagled, she wore only her stripey socks and her ankles were secured to the corners of the bed with heavy steel manacles. Amanda gasped "Jesus....that girl is unbelievable".

Jenny gazed at the image with a mixture of curiosity and disbelief. Heidi had only met Georgina yesterday and yet there she was seduced and imprisoned....chained to Georgina's bed as a sex-slave.

The next picutre made both girls gasp. Heidi was now wearing a ball gag and her, voluptuous, ripe body was covered in red dots. It took Jenny a while to work out what it was, she had been subjected to endless, endless drips of candlewax. It looked like the torment must have lasted some time but if it was particularly painful Heidi didn't look like she minded...she was, in fact, winking at the camera.

As if to underline the point the next picture showed Heidi without a gag and two thick rubenesque thighs either side of her face. This time the caption read "Bitch is as freaky as me".

Amanda and Jenny just looked at each other. Amanda shrugged and then typed "Congrats to you guys too". It seemed that anything Amanda and Jenny could do Georgina could do better.

 They ate dinner together...a surreal scene with one girl totally nude, there was much giggling and discussion of Georgina's posts then the evening progressed with the two girls on their laptops. Jenny wrote her diary for Professor LeVieux then worked on some coursework, Amanda remained coy on what she was looking at flipping the screen down whenever Jenny walked across the room. She was taking lots of notes, consulting the "Surrender to Submission" book, frequently putting headphones in and typing furiously.

Later on they took a break to watch some box set episodes. It was a strange contrast given the events of the previous 24 hours but it was comfortable and benign in a strange way. They still chatted as friends but there was a definite tension in the air as Jenny's curiosity and anticipation grew.

At 11:30 Amanda stood up and stretched. She rubbed her eyes and said "Well that was interesting".

Jenny looked up from a book she was reading. "So?" she asked.

Amanda smiled "I found a lot of stuff...some of it was pretty wild but most of it made a lot of sense....I have got some things I'd like you to read and watch....then I've got some ideas for our groundrules" she passed the laptop to Jenny "If you can follow these links in order and then read that document last"

Jenny frowned, a sense of irritation creeping into her voice "So we aren't going to agree these things together?"

Amanda knew this was a vital first test for them and so stood her ground "Of course we will...but I am the Mistress in this, it's my responsibility..." she held up the book on D/s relationships Jenny had been forced to check out of the library, a book Amanda was seemingly taking as their blueprint for life "...your book is very clear on that....listen just follow the links and see what you think. You can come to bed after that....or if it's all too weird and you need to think about it go to your old room, I'll understand." She sat down next to Jenny "We can work this out...I know we can". She kissed her on the cheek, then Jenny turned and kissed her lips and for several minutes the made out hungrily.

Amanda broke the kiss and panted "You are irresistible" then made her way to the bedroom leaving Jenny to her assignment. Today had been so sexy and romantic but Amanda was still, at heart, a manipulative and controlling bitch. She wanted Jenny, she truly loved her but a lifetime of getting what she wanted meant she was utterly amoral about how she went about things. As far as Amanda was concerned Jenny was hers love, cherish and protect but also to control. These were just the first tiny steps in the journey.

Once in the bedroom Amanda pulled her iPad from the bedside cabinet and activated her surveillance cameras. She could watch Jenny as she perused the links. She also logged on to Twitter in case @KtheDomme was called on for advice.

Jenny was starting to read the first of Amanda's reading list, the list itself was huge, she had certainly been busy. It related to a Lesbian D/s relationship but it mainly focused on being a Mistress, it went into depth about the responsibility and the duty of care required to safely and responsibly be the dominant partner in the relationship. The first three links related to this and the third one was of a YouTube video where a mature American domme and her perky younger submissive (who happened to be naked just like Jenny was) spoke of their relationship.

As Jenny worked her way through the list it began to change to talking about discipline and obedience and servitude. How a submissive should trust the Dominant partner. How a submissive must be focused and tuned in their partner's pleasure. There was also a podcast about making sure the submissive always had a right of reply and a safe-space ready in case things got too intense and disagreements occurred, this in particular assuaged some of Jenny's worries...Amanda had certainly been looking to protect Jenny and it made her feel better knowing that it wasn't just all about her giving up control.

The list was long and further into it it got a lot more explicit with many of the links relating to Lesbian BDSM. Amanda had chosen them well and Jenny felt herself getting more and more aroused watching them. She felt her hand stray to her groin as she watched and she parted her legs and started gently toying with her pussy.

In the bedroom Amanda frowned "Naughty little kitten" she whispered. Jenny was breaking the first rule but Amanda was not too annoyed because it showed how hot all this lesbian bondage was getting her, she saw from the screen that she was just entering the hottest batch of videos. For the next hour or so Jenny was assaulted by endless videos of submissives serving their Mistresses. Amanda had picked videos where the submissive or Mistress gave a commentary and talked about their lifestyle but in truth it was just a long, long succession of erotic sex scenes strung together under the pretence of being a learning exercise.

Jenny was loving it however, she gently toyed with herself careful not to make too much noise and holding back on orgasm saving it for when she was nestled in bed with Amanda...the images were exquisitely arousing, so much more than ordinary porn and the commentary drew her in. The parts where submissives described their sex-lives made her breathless with arousal.

Finally a blushing, flushed, utterly turned-on Jenny arrived at the final item on the list, it was the name of a Word document. She opened it and her eyes went wide

House Rules

  1. Mistress is responsible for kitten's safety & wellbeing
  2. kitten is to obey Mistress in all things, at all times unless a specific objection is raised
  3. Objections can be raised and discussed during a specifically designation discussion time or by use of an agreed safeword
  4. These conversations will take place between Amanda and Jenny
  5. kitten will designate two specific, trusted third parties who will offer advice & refuge should it be required
  6. Mistress will pay for all expenditure undertaken by either Mistress or kitten
  7. kitten will be naked in the apartment unless specifically instructed otherwise 
  8. Mistress will choose kitten's attire, or lack thereof, at all times. This is non-negotiable
  9. Mistress will make all decisions relating to the relationship, activities and lifestyle
  10. kitten may ask to have input into the above but the final decision will reside with Mistress
  11. Punishment and discipline will be the responsibility of Mistress should it be required
  12. kitten will never masturbate unless instructed to do so
  13. kitten will remain completely monogamous unless specifically instructed otherwise by Mistress
  14. kitten will be deferent to all other friends and acquaintances, all females will be addressed as "Miss" unless a higher title is appropriate (eg "Professor")
  15. When questioned about the lifestyle by friends and acquaintances kitten will be totally open and honest
  16. When given a request by a friend or acquaintance kitten will obey immediately unless the instruction contravenes a house-rule or other specific instruction from Mistress
  17. kitten will be ready to provide oral worship at the beginning and end of each day plus any other times Mistress requires 
  18. Subsequent rules will be added by Mistress as required

Jenny flopped back on the seat. That was quite a list she thought...although she admitted it was very well thought out. Reading through had gotten her utterly horny, there was no denying it but somewhere in her mind a voice was screaming at her to push back on this regime. She looked at the bedroom door, then at the clock in the corner of the laptop. It was now 1:30am. Her brain was fried from a night of reading about lesbian D/s lifestyles and the potential future for her and Mistress.

She looked down at her body, it was still covered in lipstick. It had been a crazy couple of days.

She took a deep breath and quietly walked into the bedroom, Amanda had drifted off to sleep sometime ago. She looked at Jenny quizzically. Jenny stood next to the bed "Here I am Mistress". Amanda just smiled and tossed aside the duvet allowing Jenny to crawl in.

They hugged and kissed until Amanda said "You make me very happy kitten" and pressed down on Jenny's shoulders. Jenny slithered down the bed and between Amanda's legs to perform her duties.