Friday, 17 November 2017

Blood Dancer - Part 5.2

Back in the kitchen she found Reverend Wilma and her companions but not Beth. They were in the middle of a hushed conversation "...Who'd have thought the queen of the undead would show up" said one of them and they all giggled. Wilma sounded as if she did not entirely disagree with the catty comment but responded "Now remember, Beth said everyone was welcome...we should welcome unexpected guests no matter how...odd & weird they are".

"No" Kate thought "...they couldn't be discussing me could they". She rejoined the group and they ladies showed no sign that they had been talking about her...they continued bitching about someone who, according to these women, was aloof and weird and arrogant. Kate decided she liked the sound of this person straight away.

She returned to the job at hand, namely using her powers to distract the ladies of Lincoln Lake leaving her free to seduce and enslave Carl. As she was musing over the best way to distract them Reverend Wilma moved closer and whispered "Beth has had an unexpected guest arrive...things could be interesting". As she did so the middle aged pastor's fulsome chest pressed into Kate's lithe body and she could sense the repressed lust. The contact between them was far from innocent and Kate was impressed by Wilma's discreet but almost predatory boldness. "Too interesting not to" she decided and she focused her attention on Wilma. Gently, ever so gently, she pressed and pushed and stimulated the base areas of Wilma's mind releasing her repressions and boosting her libido. The result would be a torrent of glorious lust and a blissful freedom from her rigid inhibitions. At the same time Kate stimulated Wilma's latent desires towards other women. It would be very interesting to see how this disciplined woman acted on these unleashed appetites. At the same this lust would cause Wilma's natural pheromone levels to go through the roof thus making her almost irresistible.

All this happened over a few seconds and Kate smiled to herself as she envisioned the debauchery her mischief would wreak on this small pleased her to think of Stacey suddenly finding herself the object of lust and Reverend Wilma turning into a wanton slut whilst Kate feasted on her ultimate prize.

As she was enjoying the mental imagery Wilma pressed closer to her and placed her hand on the small of Kate's back just just above her ass. The lust was coursing through the middle aged woman now, it was obvious. As she did so she leaned right next to Kate's ear "Beth has had a visitation from the forces of darkness" and nodded towards the patio doors where Beth was just re-entering with a short, pale redheaded woman in tow. Wilma let her hand linger on Kate and whispered "Our new English teacher arrived in town 6 months ago, started failing everyone in school and will barely say hello to anyone...Don't think anyone was expecting her".

She was in the middle of talking to the woman and Kate heard her say "...unexpected to see you here. I didn't think you liked soccer".

She turned and raised her eyebrows to the ladies present hinting that it was extremely surprising and amusing to have this new guest arrive. The new arrival looked utterly, utterly uncomfortable at the attention. She  stared at the floor and mumbled "Well it was very exciting and you said everyone was welcome for the party". She wore a blue sundress but had dark makeup that made her pale complexion stand out all the more. Her hair was cut into a pageboy style and her overall demeanor screamed introvert. It was clear she was considered an outsider here and Kate decided there and then to make it her business to get to know this meek loner.

Brigid for her part was hating every second of socialising with the local church congregation. She picked up on every glance and knowing smile the ladies exchanged but pretended not to. She knew she needed to infiltrate this group if she was to find out who on earth was practicing black magic in this homely, unremarkable community.

She knew Beth and the Reverend but most of the others were a mystery to her...This was exactly how she wanted it. She hated the fact she'd had to move to Lincoln Lake, she just wanted to be left on her own. Socialising was the absolute last thing on her mind but she would have to have firm evidence on the perpetrator before the rest of the coven would get involved. One of the women, a striking lady with a European accent passed her a glass of wine and Beth began to make awkward small talk and she did her best to join in. As she chatted Brigid carefully lowered her defences and casually reached to the crystal pendant hanging around her neck, it was a charm the would discretely boost Brigid's perceptions without betraying her powers to the source of the magic, she knew that staying undetected was vital until she understood what was going on.

She smiled and nodded cheerily to Beth as she opened herself up and was appalled at what she found.

Under ordinary circumstance and when they are not using their powers vampyres by their nature omit no aura..This meant Kate was undetectable to Brigid's enhanced senses. Although blissfully unaware of the undead monster standing hidden in their midst she couldn't help but detect the sorcery Kate had casually thrown around the Langdales. It hung around the house like a stench. It was so thick she had trouble discerning any sort of source.

Lust. Pure animal lust...The house was awash with lust enchantments.

Brigid felt herself becoming utterly aroused as her vulnerable, boosted senses hungrily absorbed it all. Her nipples grew swollen and hard and her pussy throbbed. She felt herself flush "Oh Goddess" she thought "too much, too much". She wanted to shut it off but she knew she couldn' was intoxicating. She was so horny...the effects of the spells was magnified a thousandfold by the charm...she felt her panties beginning to dampen as her arousal soaked through them. If she was going to stay undetected she had to endure this until she could zero in on who was using the magic.

Forcing back the urge to run the bathroom and masturbate for all she was worth she smiled at Kate and said "I love your house, I was looking at buying one similar when I first moved here but it was wayyyy out of my price range" which made Beth smile broadly ...can I have the grand tour?"

Ever eager to please Beth took Brigid by the hand and lead her round the house. The site of their normally aloof English teacher at the party caused momentary consternation amongst student and parent alike and Brigid did her best to appear fully in the spirit of things with a stream cheery greetings "Don't mind me", "So nice to see you", "Just enjoying the party". All the while she was was letting the lust flow through her trying to find the source. She looked at Beth with her plump cheeks and buxom chest and wanted to hug her and press her lips on her, she had to get a grip but it was overpowering.

It had been at it's strongest in the kitchen so she knew there was someone in there who had worked an enchantment she could also feel an energy source at the back of the house, "What was going on" she thought. She turned to Beth and smiled again "So how big are the gardens?" and was promptly lead out through some patio doors. Out there a bunch of her 12th graders hurriedly tried to hide their drinks but Brigid didn't care, over by the barbeque she detected a huge bloom of magical energy...Stacey. She was currently talking to three guys who were obviously fawning all over her trying to impress her. This was inevitable given the amount of love spells eminating from her and the obviously enchantments the guys were under. Teenage girls messing with magic, nothing more dangerous. She remembered noting that Stacey and Carl had recently broken up. A classic case. There would be a book somewhere or an older unregistered Witch who had taught Stacey the art of arcane love spells. Brigid felt better...she could deal with this sort of thing, definitely. A few anti-magic binds and the destruction of whatever they were using for their spells. Maybe a bit of a scare visit from some of the coven's more intimidating witches and warlocks. She just needed to find out what else was happening.

She allowed the grand tour to continue back towards the kitchen the second magical hotspot. Instantly she found her second fountainhead, Reverend Wilma. "Holy shit" thought Brigid "...the local pastor". That was unexpected but there was no mistaking it. Wilma had heightened all her sexual energies and was busy trying to seduce the poor European stranger who'd given her the wine earlier.

The barbeque had done it's work, the drink was flowing and, thanks to Kate's extra curricula activities, hormones levels were rising. The result was a party that was generally agreed to be one of the best in living memory. Brigid staying on and sipped wine and made small talk with Beth and the other ladies. It was awkward and she suspected her host would like nothing better than for Brigid to leave but she couldn't she had to observe this an plan how to deal with it. She needed to search Wilma and Stacey's homes as soon as possible.

Guests started leaving...couples were feeling more amorous than they had in years, new hookups were made, even a couple of new extra-marital affairs being planned and one totally unexpected threesome would occur. Brigid moved closer to Wilma and Kate and topped up Kate's drink. Wilma refused saying she had to lead services in the morning. The three talked pleasantly...Kate, still unaware Brigid was a witch, decided she liked the young teacher with her timidity, intensity and obvious intelligence. She decided to get to know her better whilst she waited for the full moon and her feeding ceremony. It was obvious that the petite redhead was feeling the effect of Reverend Wilma's newly acquired charms. She was flushed and the heat emanating from her groin was unmistakable. Wilma too was fully aroused and Kate smiled inwardly at where all this could lead for the two of them.

She said her goodbyes and made her way to Beth to get her number and confirm that Carl would indeed make himself available to her as her gardener. "Mission accomplished" she thought.

Brigid was now fully in the firing line having "rescued" Kate from Wilma's advanced. She was hornier than she'd ever been in her life having spent the afternoon enduring wave after wave of super-charged lust spell. Wilma smiled at her and discreetly topped up her drink again. Although not obvious because of Wilma's natural discretion it was clear she was the prey for this buxom older woman. Stacey could wait, Wilma would be her first investigation. Brigid knew what was going to happen next and she appraised the reverend, short pageboy hair, round face with full cheeks and plump lips. Her striking feature was her chest, Brigid estimated them as G or larger possibly swollen due to the spells she'd apparently worked. Her skirt, although not short, showed off thick nylon covered thighs and full rounded calfs. Brigid had never had a problem with her bisexuality or older, more rubenesque figures. She was so aroused she would be happy to jump on Wilma right there and then.

She took a deep breath and said "I will probably need to call a cab, it's getting late". Inevitably Wilma smiled and said "I think we don't live too far away, I can drive you".

Brigid was in for an interesting evening.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Blood Dancer - Part 5.1

Brigid cursed as she inspected herself in the mirror, an afternoon in the sun was less deadly than it was for Kate but for a redhead it meant spending time coated in factor 40 or huddled in the shade whilst everyone else basked in the warmth. A floral sundress with a floppy straw hat seemed to be the appropriate look for a teacher attending a high school soccer party, far removed from her usual black wardrobe. She knew the appearance of the normally aloof, introvert professor would raise eyebrows but she had to find out the source of the magic in Lincoln Lake. Since she had arrived here she had been a loner finding the mundanities of smalltown life numbingly boring after her time with the coven. She knew turning up at the barbeque would be totally out of character but this was too urgent for subtlety.

As Brigid was fretting over her outfit Kate, her hunger sated, was arriving at the Langdales to find the party at full swing. She rang the doorbell and waited politely for someone to answer. A man she'd never met before answered and opened the door wide for her to pass...his eyes roamed over her body without any discretion or shame. He was clearly already drunk and looked at Kate lasciviously. If her current quest was not so important she would have ripped his head off his shoulder but for the present she would stay her temper.

Kate knew she would have to be invited before she could enter a human's home and for that she would need to speak to Beth or Carl. She held a grudging respect for the ancient Saints, mystics and Witches who had worked together to draw an innate enchantment around the home of any human. The most powerful magic every loosed on earth and the overwhelming majority of them didn't even know they possessed it. Hell, they didn't even realise they needed it.

The timeless spell crackled and pulsed invisibly as the human male stood there looking bemused "So, baby, are you coming in or what?" he slurred.

Kate reigned in her fury once again "Can I speak to the lady of the house" she said.

"What? Err..." he looked utterly confused at the request for a moment before finally shouting over his shoulder "...Beth...BETH...someone wants to speak to the lady of the house" He shouted before chuckling and resuming his undisguised visual molestation of this gorgeous exotic beauty.

He was just about to start another sentence when Beth bustled to the door and pushed the man back inside "Ohhhh Kate..." she gushed "so glad you made it...come in, come in". With that simple line the enchantment was broken and snapped like a balloon being burst. Kate almost flinched at the invisible impact but it was done...she now had licence to roam through the Langdale's home.

Kate, unaware that she had just opened up her home to a vicious undead predator, hurried into the kitchen with Kate gliding elegantly behind her. She eagerly served Kate some red wine and lead and spoke constantly as she tried to make her honoured guest feel welcome. Kate smiled, despite her utter superiority and the fact she was going to capture, enslave, fuck and feed from her son she found herself liking this cheerful, plump woman. She wondered if human farmers ever felt the same way about their livestock.

As the afternoon wore on she felt the boundaries and natural reserve of the soccermoms gradually waning as the wine took full effect. They laughed more, blushed more and were more and more tactile. Reverend Wilma in particular was finding any excuse to lean against Kate. She giggled when the ladies made risque jokes and pretended to be scandalised but Kate could detect an arousal and hunger within her. She was certain that behind all the reserve Wilma was a lesbian and one quite eager to take one of her flock as her lover...perhaps she already had. The thought amused Kate as she observed the hidden lust.

Beth was still clearly infatuated with Kate although not from a sexual point of view, not purely anyway. This exotic stranger had arrived in town and Beth was eager to have her as a friend...possibly to enhance her social standing. She was asking about her writing and how she was settling in to her new place at Lincoln Lake. Kate decided to see if she could turn the conversation towards Carl, she sighed wearily and lamented "The house is great but the garden is too much for me...It's too hot to be out there doing yardwork"

Beth swallowed the bait perfectly. She smiled broadly "I know Carl could do with the you want me to ask him if he can fit in some yardwork"

Inwardly Kate was shouting for joy but she remained impassive "Oh Beth, that would be fabulous...but I wouldn't want to get in the way of his schoolwork"

Beth stroked Kate's arm affectionately "Let me worry about that" she said with a smile then turned around and shouted "CARL" over her shoulder.

Eventually Carl arrived trying not to look too drunk from celebrating his moment of glory. Beth smiled as he swayed slightly "Been celebrating?" she asked

Carl blushed and mumbled "Just a bit Mom"

All the ladies smiled indulgently, it was his party and they all knew the family well. Beth grinned at his discomfort "Be sensible honey"

At this point Reverend Wilma chirped in "If we were Catholic I'd have you in confession young man" much to the amusement of all the women. One of them high-fived Wilma and said "busted". Carl, was mortified to be teased like this, he glanced at Kate and then to the floor.

Beth brought the torment to an end by ushering Carl to one side after a short while they returned and said "Okay, he'd be glad to help you out"

Kate was literally over-joyed...was it really going to be that easy? After all these years searching. She smiled warmly are the two of them "That would be fantastic, it is a bit overgrown so I will pay you well...when can you start?"

Carl was besotted with Kate even without the enchantment she had placed on him...he had readily volunteered to place himself in mortal danger by entering her lair. It was all too good to be true, Carl was happy to start tomorrow after school and with the full moon approaching in a few days the time would be right for her to complete the ritual that would grant her true immortality and almost limitless strength and power. By the end of the week virgin kingseed would be flooding her insides and she would gorge herself on virgin kingsblood....possibly the last pure source of it on earth.

It was enough to make Kate delirious with excitement. She relaxed and drunk more wine and although alcohol had no effect on her she began to feel almost drunk with anticipation. She made smalltalk for a while longer and then decided to stretch her legs. She had noticed Stacey loitering in the background as she had spoken to Carl. She still looked forlorn and heartbroken after her abrupt break-up with Carl.  This, Kate decided, was a loose-end that needed tidying up. Having an emotional teenager like Stacey pouting around might, possibly, complicate things...She didn't see any way Stacey could break the enchantment she'd placed on Carl but she could still provide obstacles between now and the full moon...besides, Kate thought, the poor little dullard looked so sad.

She decided there and then to have some fun in the meantime and approached Stacey "Hello" said Kate, allowing her accent to get a little stronger "I am Kate...I am new in town. You seem to be on your own, do you not like football...I mean soccer"

Stacey was wary of this attractive Lady, especially given that she suspected Carl had become infatuated with her since her arrival in town. She simply sighed and said "Men!"

Kate looked at the blonde cheerleader, she was pretty enough, she would have no problem getting male attention but for she wanted to make sure it wasn't the male she was after. She decided to work a little of her magic and selected a few of the more lustful college boys at party, she pushed gently in to their minds gently implanting the notion that Stacey was the most attractive, adorable, desirable girl they knew. It wasn't even difficult for a vampyre of her power and skill...all the while she did this she kept up a polite chatter with Stacey about how complicated and downright annoying males were. With the new enchantments in place she smiled and patted Stacey on the shoulder "You will be fine my darling, trust me" before excusing herself. As she returned to the kitchen she allowed herself a wry smile. Over the next few hours the guys would become infatuated with Stacey and do anything to please her. She probably wouldn't have time to even think about Carl let alone get in the way. The only thing that could distract her now was Beth and Kate had a plan for how to deal with that too.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

In Her Debt - Part 61.2

Candy's cock pushed further up his ass, he could feel it hot and throbbing in a way the butt-plugs he'd become familiar with just weren't. He felt Candy reach down and hold his hips in order to get a better purchase for deeper penetration.

It was all too much for Alex, he felt dizzy and breathless in this whirlwind of debauchery and debasement. He was taking his first cock and yet there was virtually no trace of anything remotely male in the room just glamour and femininity. He knew this was irrevocably the turning point Arabella had been leading him to since he had first succumb to her control.

Standing hip deep in the hot, steamy perfumed bathwater and wedged between the three bodies Alex could feel himself melting away...Arabella, a blonde cougar old enough to be his mother, was tonguing his ear and whispering her undying love for him whilst Candy himself began to sensuously lavish kisses on the soft sensitive nape of his neck.

As Candy began to find a rhythm for his fucking Georgina, the voluptuous redhead, dropped to her knees in the water and began kissing and adoring Alex's swollen cock. The two nurses who had brought Alex and Candy to the spa room made out hungrily and smiled at Alex's predicament.

It was a truly irresistible assault on his senses and Arabella knew he was utterly at her mercy now. She moved in for the kill and began filling her beloved sex-slave's mind with dark, erotic thoughts. "You are our beautiful little girl Alexa, you can't go back now...I want you to savour the feeling of that cock in your pussy" on queue Candy thrust ever deeper inside and Georgina swirled her tongue over his cock. Alex whimpered and groaned in response "Yesssss" purred Arabella "You are our little slutty princess now, now you have accepted your femininity you can enjoy all the fruits in the garden" She wickedly nibbled at his ear and allowed her words to sink in.

Georgina knew her roll and rose to her feet to kiss his cheek and whisper in the other ear "Once we get you home we will be like family...My pussy is yours Alexa. You can fuck your sister each and every day....I will not refuse my sister anything..." she kissed him and slowly whispered "...nothing is off limits to my beautiful little baby you understand Alexa?"

Arabella was slowly, gently jerking him off as Candy gently thrust in and out of his hot, tight rear. Even a seasoned sex-slave like him was in awe of the exquisite mind-control these women were subjecting his fellow sissy to. Seeing an expert dominatrix initiate another male into inescapable femininity was utterly captivating and it was taking all his self-control not to cum there and then...Candy knew, however, he was required to keep fucking his new lover until Arabella decided the time was right.

Arabella and Georgina mashed their huge boobs against Alex's body and Candy's hormonally enhanced cleavage joined the sensuous assault too as Arabella continued "There will be so many lovers visiting us at The Groves but from now on they will all wear condoms when they fuck me and your sister....not you though Alexa, you get to fuck us bareback and cum in our wombs, our asses, on our our are our gorgeous little girl now and we will spend every day making you more and more'd like that wouldn't you"

Alex's brain was now an erotic mush of hormones and lust and submissiveness, he simply whimpered and hissed out a long "Yesssssssssss".

Arabella smiled to herself, she had won now...she had exactly what she wanted. She nodded to Candy and the luridly beautiful shemale barbi began increasing the force with which he was thrusting...Georgina renewed her oral adoration of Alex's swollen cock whilst Arabella her began hungrily snogging her feminized lover.

It took mere moments but Alex was soon gushing his hot cum into Georgina's mouth and Candy new this was permission for him to cum too. In the height of his orgasmic ecstacy he felt the hot pulses of thick fuild fill and lubricate his bowells. Both him and Candy moaned with carnal delight and the four bodies pressed together....Georgina rose to her feet and began fench kissing her Aunt and the two sissies generously distributing Alex's cum between each.

The moment drew on and on as the passion in the room gently ebbed. The nurses climbed out of the tub and fetched robes for the woman and sissies.

An hour later Arabella was driving Alexa and Georgina back to her secluded house smiling at her latest triumph and the adventures that lay ahead