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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

In Her Debt - Part 61.1

Alex woke up and was immediately greeted with the sight of Candy's semi-hard cock in the dim light. The memories of the previous evening's orgy came flooding back and he was instantly mortified. How many times had he sucked and suckled and kissed and licked Candi to orgasm...how many loads of hot pungent cum had he ingested. He could feel his face was rigid with the dried deposits that had missed his mouth.

"Oh God" he thought...how had things ended up like this? Only a short while ago he had been Alex, polite likeable church boy struggling with debt but living a perfectly ordinary, boring life. Now he was being transformed in Alexa the blushing sissy surrounded by dominant, sexually liberated women.

Sucking cocks, getting blow-jobs from bimbo-femboys, spankings, being filmed and broadcast online, going along with Arabella's feminization regime. He could barely imagine what he much look like now....would anyone even recognise him? Would he recognise himself? his body was totally denuded of all hair, and adorned with feminine tattoos. He wore full make-up every day and had a very flattering pixie hair. All the ladies in his life doted on him and insisted he looked beautiful...he'd had more sexual encounters since becoming Arabella's pet-project than in the rest of his life combined but still, he had trouble reconciling this new hedonistic lifestyle.

He wanted to speak to Arabella as soon as possible about this...the level of bohemian adventure was simply too much to go along with....and yet he had....and the thing that made him most ashamed was that he was wilfully allowing it, and enjoying it....the was no denying it. His cock had responded to every torment, every humiliation, every debasement.

As he lay there he began to feel Candi begin to stir, they were still chained tightly in there sissy-69 and so almost immediately felt the shemale's plush, plump lips press against his cock. "Oh no" thought Alex, he couldn't really be expected to cum again...surely.

Candi's hands were still handcuffed to the buttplug wedged up his bottom and he felt Candi grip his buttocks his her lace gloved hands and pull Alex's cock onto his face. At the same time the femboy pressed his groin forward pushing his cock onto Alex's mouth. Candi's tongue was going to work on Alex's member and it was responding rapidly (much to Alex's disbelief). What Alex didn't know is that the butt-plug was slowly releasing stimulants and viarga into his system. Despite his exhaustion he was be fully aroused and functional for at least the next 48 hours.

As the sissies gained full consciousness Nicole and Lydia and entered the room and untied them. Candy was reluctantly peeled away from Alex's groin and the two were lead away to a bathroom for their morning ablutions. After such a long night of debauchery they needed to use the toilet and get cleaned up. With the mundanities completed the sissies had their clothes, butt-plugs and restraints removed and were lead into another room containing a large hot-tub.

Alex was overjoyed to find Arabella and Georgina already soaking and as soon as Alex had had his clothes carefully removed and folded he stepped into the water and embraced his two beloved dommes. The three sat down with Alex in the middle and embraced and kissed passionately. They two women were eager to heap praise on Alex for his performance the previous evening. They recounted how the viewing figures for his show were utterly without precedent and the revenue it has generated had surpassed anything they'd seen before. By now Candy and his two attendants were sat at the opposite side of the tub and Alex was allowed a moment of respite as they allowed the hot water to soak away the tension and fatigue.

The water was blissful after the previous days activities and Alex sat wedged in between the ripe bodies of Arabella and Georgina and watch the as gorgeous nurses washed and caressed every inch of Candy's body. When it was Alex's turn Nicole handed the soap to Candy herself and Alex was ordered to stand. The water came up to his upper thigh affording everyone in the room a perfect view of his body. The two nurses sat down and began making out as Candy began soaping up Alex's body...just one more step along Alex's journey into sissydom. He looked at Arabella and she merely nodded to him. He was, by now, too far gone to resist and his cock responded instantly to Candy's deft touch. The poor boy was soon squirming with lust and Candy soaped up his groin whilst stroking and caressing his chest and kissing his neck. The appearance of Candy made it impossible to think of him as male and the site of the his two lovers plus two stunning nurses bringing each other to orgasm pushed him further along the path to orgasm.

Arabella and Georgina snuggled closers together, the two were obviously getting excited now and Alex wondered at what was going on below the waterline. Experience told him Georgina was always extremely vocal during her lovemaking and she was already whimpering with pleasure. There seemed to be no boundary at all between the Georgina and the woman she called aunt. As Candy became more and more intimately acquainted with Alex's body he could feel his cock stroking against him from behind. The hot water and the densely perfumed soap plus the lust coursing through his body was making him dizzy but even a boy as naive as Alex could feel the contact was not accidental. His breath was becoming ragged as Candy's gentle hand made it's way up and down his covered shaft.

Arabella too was breathing raggedly now and Georgina was moaning with pleasure as Candy expertly jerked Alex off inches from their faces. The kisses on his shoulder and neck were driving him wild now and Candy began whispering in his ear in her exaggerated bimbo drawl. "Your boy clit is telling me how much you want me babe" he said as both his hands glided over his body. Alex was powerless to resist. He locked eyes with Arabella and she nodded again. He felt Candy's cock slip into the crevice between his ass-cheeks and he whimpered with alarm. Candy was merciless, he began delicately and gently bending his legs and rubbing his fully engorged cock up and down, up and down. Jolts of pleasure coures through his body each time the tip of Candy's manhood rubbed against Alex's sphincter. Candy was an expert sex-pet and his seduction of this novice sissy was inevitable.

As Alex's cock became more and more swollen Candy knew his resistance would lessen and lessen. Each stroked of his soft, supple hand drove the lust levels higher. He looked over his shoulder at his Mistress and he planted endless kisses on Alex's shoulders. Arabella had explained what she wanted from him and his own Mistress, Mistress Katerina had given him free reign to assist in Alex's latest adventure.

Arabella stood up and moved to Alex. This was Candy's signal to release Alex's cock. Arabella instantly took over the fondling. She kissed Alex on the lips and said "Alexa, you are my gorgeous little darling...just relax and trust your mommy"

As she said this Candy moved his now fully engorged cock so that it pressed against Alex's virgin rosebud. The thrill of being the first sissy to deflower this hot little debutant was intoxicating....it was also amazing to watch Arabella gently sooth away her pet's worries with her gentle affection.

Arabella snuggled into Alex's body pressing her ample bosom into his chest as Candy pressed tighter in behind him. The gorgeous shemale cupped his asschecks and parted them slightly and Alex winced. Arabella kissed his forehead "Alexa darling, you are a beautiful young girl, you are so irresistible, you are perfect gorgeous young lady...Candy is going to be your first. This IS going to happen....I want it to happen"

Georgina rose too and joined the embrace "Listen to your sister Alexa, relax and let Candy slide his cock into your pussy....You'll love it I promise".

The trap was utterly inescapable. His mind was being soothed by these two vixens and whilst body was being aroused to the point of insanity.

Arabella leaned in to Alex "I love you Alexa...make me proud" she said then pressed his head into her cleavage. Alex merely whimpered. She then nodded to Candy and began stroking Alex's hair.

Candy was utterly, utterly aroused and positioned his cockhead at Alex's asshole. With him wedged in between three bodies Alex had nowhere to go. Candy pressed more firmly and felt his sphincter give way as the soap covered organ pressed through and on inside. "Yesssssss" hissed Candy.

Arabella kissed the top of Alex's head and Georgina bent down to nibble his ear.. Both dominatrixes expertly fondled his cock to ensure the pleasure was maintained at mind-numbing levels.

Alex had been deflowered.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Perfect Agent - Part 9

Sleep did not come easy to Matt, he lay there held tightly in Cassie's arms whilst his own hands could barely move. That was not the problem however...his mind was whirring over his current situation. He was an undercover secret agent now and one who was involved in a sexual tryst with a suspected femme-fatale. It was every guy's fantasy and yet his stomach was churning.

First of all he had not been able to make contact with HQ after he'd met up with Cassie. This was a breach of his mission guidelines and held it's own dangers.

Secondly he had enjoyed an amazing sexual adventure with Cassie and now felt utterly guilty that it was all based on deception. When volunteering for undercover work and fantasising about being on covert operations he didn't once consider that his conscience might come into play.

By the time morning rolled around and Cassie began to rouse herself Matt had barely had any sleep. He had considered getting up and trying to search for clues about some of the shady operations they suspected her to be involved with by the collar and chain she'd locked him up in certainly put paid to that. If this mission was to have any hope of finding, Venus, his missing colleague he needed to concentrate on following up on his slender leads. Instead he merely kept as still as possible and tried to formulate a plan.

Cassie groaned and stretched and then hugged Matt from behind. He felt her warm flesh mash into his back and revelled in the curves. She really was the perfect definition of a mature "big beautiful woman" thought Matt.

Presently she murmured "The staff will fix us breakfast babe...how did you sleep?"

"Really well" he lied "was quite exhausted after an evening like that"

He could hear the smile in her voice as she continued "I know I owe you an orgasm but does my star pupil want to carry on learning about BDSM?"

Matt smiled himself, it seemed this women has a one track mind "The demanding teacher scenario is one of my ultimate fantasies"

Cassie sat up and stretched her leg over Matt's body. Once sitting astride him she gazed down at him "So...do you want to know the best way to wake up your Dominatrix"

Matt raised an eyebrow

Cassie knelt up and tapped her finger above her pussy before pushing forward to plant herself firmly on his face. Matt didn't need telling twice and began worshipping her pussy again. She was insatiable once more and Matt lost all track of time. He felt orgasms ripple through her body but he was utterly immobile and all light and sound were blocked out.

Eventually he felt her shudder and her thighs clamp tightly around his head as her climax hit, she rolled off him and Matt looked around. He jumped visibly as he saw they were no longer alone. Stood by the bed carrying a silver tray was one of the most beautiful women he'd ever seen. She was blonde which rich red full lips and gorgeous blue eyes. She was dressed in full french maid regalia and gazed down at Matt with a look of benign amusement.

Cassie giggled as she saw Matt's alarm "This is Claudia, my maid...ordinarily she'd be the one on the bed servicing me". Claudia curtsied and lay the tray on the bed then retreated. As she did so Cassie began undoing the collar and cuffs from around Matt's neck and wrists.

They enjoyed a light breakfast and chatted. Cassie was particularly interested in what material Matt had looked at online when learning about BDSM. Matt recounted some of the videos and articles he'd taken in. With breakfast devoured Cassie wrapped her arms around Matt and purred "Now for my baby's reward".

She reached to the bedside table and pressed a button on a remote control. The room was bathed in sunlight and the curtains across the entire wall drew automatically revealing one of the most stunning views imaginable. London was set out below them and Matt realised he must be in the penthouse suite of one of the tallest buildings in the city. Cassie lead him by the hand towards the windows which stretched from floor to ceiling. Matt, naked as the day he was born, shied away from the window. Cassie, similarly unclothed, had no such fear. She stretched in front of the window and took in the view. Eventually she looked over her shoulder and winked "Don't be she honey, the glass in opaque on the outside". Matt relaxed and joined her wrapping his arms around her and watching the city below.

Eventually Cassie broke the embrace and reached down to gently caress his cock "Hmmm, I haven't forgotten about this little guy don't worry". She looked over to the maid who was lingering discreetly in the corner "Claudia darling, will you do what you do best". Claudia walked over seductively fixing Matt with here beautiful blue eyes before sinking to her knees in front of him. Cassie swept around so she was behind Matt pressing her her into his. She whispered in his ears "She is going to give you the best blowjob you will ever have".

Now at eye level with his cock she began kissing it delicately. At the same time Cassie began nibbling his ear. Matt was soon getting the pleasuring of his life looking down across London as it bathed in the early morning sunshine.

Cassie snuggled into him and began stroking his chest and playing with his nipples as Claudia began tonguing and sliding her lips over his now fully erect member. It was truly exquisite as a barrage of pleasurable sensations washed over him. He gasped as Claudia deep throated him in one go and then began sucked and swirling her fully lips across his cock. Her nose was now touching his groin and moans of pleasure escaped his lips.

The gorgeous blonde fellatrix began moving her head back and forth and Matt thrust his crotch almost involuntarily as he literally fucked her face. All the while Cassie was playing her part by stroking him and biting his neck gently. She whispered obscenities into his ears and soon Matt could feel his pent-up lust building. It was one of the most sensuous experiences of his life.

Held there in Cassie's arms Matt tossed his head back as his orgasm approached. Sensing this Claudia reached up and grabbed his buttocks pulling herself tighter onto his cock. His cock was sticking straight down her hot wet throat now and her tongue was whipping him into a frenzy. He began to erupt, shooting jets of boiling hot cum down into the stomach of this stunningly beautiful woman. He cried out in ecstasy as he came and came and came. Claudia worked his cock the entire time extracting pulse after pulse of pleasure from him before he slumped slightly and his legs quivered.

Cassie had no exaggerated Claudia's orals talents.

His cock escaped her mouth with a slurp and Cassie gently turned his head around so she could kiss him. Claudia retreated silently to the bed as if nothing untoward had happened and began tidying away breakfast. With the room clear the two reclined on the bed and embraced before Cassie groaned "I got to go make some calls hun, will you be all right here".

Matt seized his opportunity and gestured to a lap-top that was sitting on a table in the corner "Can I get those videos up you were asking about earlier".

Cassie smiled "Of course...would love to see them". She grabbed it and unlocked it before donning a dressing gown and leaving the room.

Matt had to act fast, he had no idea how long Cassie would be. He quickly found the site with the BDSM videos he'd watched the previous day then started searching through the computer for leads.

First of all he opened the email and did a search for the name of his missing colleague, Venus Phillips. Nothing came up. Next he tried "Secret Agent" with more success, instantly he recognised one of the names of the missing scientists Venus has been investigating. This was the first concrete evidence that the female scientists were now linked to Cassiopeia Demeter and Kali Incorporated.

He quickly read over the email. There was nothing concrete in there but he noted one intriguing passage "Things are still top secret but we have twelve agents ready to be deployed into the field". Why on earth would Cassie and a chemist be talking about secret agents in the field. There was definitely something strange going on.

Next he did a search for "Femitropin" and hit the jackpot. There was a long conversation between Cassie and a man called Miles Astbury. Matt scanned the emails as quickly as he could. It seemed that Miles was objecting to the company's Femitropin project saying what the scientists were doing at their Geneva laboratories was utterly immoral. He seemed to be highlighting it to Cassie as if she wasn't aware of the research.

Maddeningly it was very short on detail, at one point Miles stated "I don't want to get into detail on email after our earlier security breach but I need to speak to you about what this women are doing here in Geneva". That message was dated from a couple of weeks ago. Cassie had responded that she would be coming to Geneva soon and that she would discuss it with him then. That was the last of the correspondence. He checked out Miles' email signature. It seemed that he is a senior board member at Kali Incorporated and head of the research division. What on earth could be going on?

He was just about to close down the email program when he had one last idea. He did a search for "security breach Geneva" and one match popped up, it mentioned "The intruder has been apprehended and is being kept in the lab" and was dated around the same time as Venus disappeared.

That was enough for Matt. He was happy his mission had been a success. One thing was certain now, there was something going on in Geneva and it was likely it was linked to Venus' investigation. He had to get out of here and report back to HQ. They needed to move their focus to the Kalie laboratory in Geneva as soon as possible.

He closed the email system and began looking through the BDSM videos. As he was doing so Cassie returned to the room. Matt smiled at her and hoped his new found nervousness wasn't obvious. If it was Cassie gave no hint, she came around the table and sat on Matt's lap wrapping her arms around him. She kissed the top of his head and said "I have bad news and good news..." Matt frowned up at her and she continued "...The bad news is that duty calls and I have to go to Geneva, the good news is that there is a spare seat on my private jet. You wouldn't leave me to get lonely and bored on a dull business trip would you darling. Say you'll come."

Matt looked at Cassie in disbelief, "Yeah, why not" was all he could muster.

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