Friday, 25 May 2018

The Perfect Agent - Part 13

The first thing Matt became aware of was a hot, pleasurable feeling in his groin. As the fog lifted from his mind he realised his cock was being licked and kissed. He opened his eyes and tried to move only to find he was completely immobile. He was also as naked as the day he was born. He lifted his head and looked down his body to see Venus smiling back at him.

"What are are you doing" he slurred, still gorging herself on his cock her eyes flicked to hers and she grinned. Matt began to realise he was in a lot of trouble. He made to move his arms and found they were restrained, he began to struggle and found he was almost completely immobilised strapped to a bed in the room he'd first found Venus.

"Venus, what the fuck is going on....let me go". She merely stood up and sached over to a phone on the wall. Seeing Venus move he now saw the truth of what he'd noticed earlier...her body was almost completely changed...gone was the lithe, wiry athlete and in it's place a curvy, voluptuous ripe body. It had only been a few weeks since he'd seen his fellow intelligence could she have changed so quickly.

As he continued his protests Venus lifted the phone receiver, punch in a few numbers and merely said "Your baby is awake".

She then went back to gentle, almost playfully kissing and licking Matt's cock utterly oblivious to his increasingly desperate shouting.

Presently the door opened and Cassiopeia strutted in looking like the cat that got the cream. Behind her were two women dressed in lab coats. Venus stood up and embraced Cassie before engaging in a deeply passionate kiss...Matt realised right there that any hope of his colleague helping him escape was utterly forlorn. Venus was a double agent.

Eventually the two women broke their tryst and Cassie approached Matt "My curious little baby...what am I going to do with you?" She ruffled his hair almost maternally and then traced her fingernails down across his chest to his groin. "It's so nice of the British government to send me such gorgeous little playthings...I almost feel spoilt". Matt allowed his head to lie back...He was in a lot of trouble now, Cassie knew he was an agent, there would be no bluffing his way out of this. He hand been totally betrayed. Cassie continued "I believe you know Venus, these two wonderful woman are "Doctor Alicia Kane and Doctor Svetlana Morovka" the white coat clad ladies merely nodded.

Matt was on the verge of panic "Look, Cassiopeia, this situation is getting out of hand...You can't just keep two British agents here. There will be consequences. The agency know Venus and myself are investigating you. You can't cover this up...." his sentence finished with a gasp as Cassie began giving him a handjob.

"Shhhhh" she said, stop worrying that pretty little head "Mommy will take care of everything"

Matt's breath became ragged, he had to focus on something other than the pleasures coursing through his body "Look, they know I am Vienna...they will send investigators"

Cassie just smiled and reached into her pocket. Oblivious to Matt's attempts at reasoning with her she tapped the screen and then smiled "Hi, how are you?"

A displaced voice replied "Good...looking forward to seeing you again soon". Matt knew the voice but he couldn't quite believe it. Cassie turned the screen round and all his fears were confirmed...It was Samantha, second in command at the agency. "Hi there, I imagine you are realising how much trouble you are in...You've no-one to blame but yourself, you did the digging, you asked for the assignment".

Matt's anger got the better of him "You fucking bitch, they'll catch you you dirty traitor"

Samantha, ever aloof and superior, merely giggled "I don't think so, handed over you research to me, no-one else knows about signed your resignation....there is no record of you supposed, my dear boy, are fucked"

Matt writhed against his bonds much to Venus' amusement. Cassie merely shushed him like an indulgent parent. Samantha chuckled which only served to infuriate the captive spy further "Verity will work it out, you know what we do to traitors"

Samantha was unflappable "Verity? Aww, so much faith is the big boss-lady.....she's far too busy to worry about you honey". With that Samantha moved her phone away from her face and revealed a form kneeling under her desk. It was Verity, head of British intelligence, hog-tied in extreme bondage....only her face and her groin were uncovered and her mouth was stuffed with a bright pink ball-gag. Matt could see Samantha's foot rubbing up and down against Verity's pussy and the woman was obviously in near-ecstasy as a result. "Yeah, my little slut-slave is far too tied up at the moment".

Any hope Matt had of rescue was gone now, Cassie moved the phone away and said "We'll take care of things from here....see you soon"

"Can't wait to see your latest project....look after him for me, ciao!" came the reply from London and the line went dead.

Cassie replaced her phone in her pocket and smiled warmly at her captive "Now, seeing as you are so curious let's tell you about see all my career I have been learning how scents and pheromones can influence how we feel. Femitropin is just the culmination of that. It is a collection of chemicals that work to stimulate and suppress different endorphins in the brain. I have recruited the best female chemists in the world to help me and we have developed a drug that is basically female empowerment in a bottle. It suppresses male aggression and ego. It destroys your dominant streaks and stimulates your submissive tendencies no matter how latent they the same time it boosts female libido massively and works on the frontal lobes to decrease morality. It quickly turns even your most timid little bookish librarian into a sex-hungry predator ready to dominate and control. Expose a couple to it on a first date and he will be under the table on his knees serving her every whim before desert....and you know the best thing, it's not something that you take and then it wears amazing women scientists have developed it so it actually re-wires the brain. This isn't temporary, it's permanent and starts working from the first dose"

Matt tried to process what she was saying. Cassie pulled out a perfume from her pocket and began spraying it liberally about there person "Think about it, from the first time you sat down to interview me, all those perfumes, all the lipstick....I have been pumping my secret potion into your system....think about how woozy and suggestible you've been.....well that is just the beginning. You are going to get the full treatment now my love"

Matt struggled even more "This is insane" he said. It couldn't be true could it?

Cassie walked over to the two scientists who had been busy in the corner since their arrival. Venus approached him and stroked his hair "Best to lie back and think of England Mr Bond" she said then giggled.

Cassie returned and in her hand she carried a syringe and a bottle containing a thick black liquid, she drew the dark chemical into the syringe and flicked it then pushed the plunger until a dark oily bead of liquid formed on the need. She then called over her shoulder "If I read it correctly you put down that the maximum first dose should be 25ml"

One of the scientist, Alicia, looked around in alarm "What???? No....two point five for a first dose....this is super-concentrated Femitropin, we have no idea what it will do to the poor guys's brain. 25 would be way more than we'd ever administered in one go"

Cassie frowned "Ohh, I think my new little baby will be able to handle it....I want this one as my personal concubine, I was thinking of giving him more...35 maybe?"

Alicia was visibly alarmed at the idea "Ms Demeter, this is totally could be dangerous to pump that much into his system at once. 35 mil is out of the question".

Matt was beginning to panic now as the women casually discussed his fate as if he was little more than a laboratory rat. Cassie looked over at the other scientist "What do you think?"

Svetlana merely shrugged "It's a massive dose....could be interesting I suppose"

The first woman rolled her eyes "I advise against 25 but absolutely forbid you to go any higher"

Cassie smiled and looked down at Matt "You see, this is why I love her.....she's an amazing doctor, total care for her patients" and with the she jabbed the syringe into Matt's thigh disgorging the serum into his body. Almost instantly Matt began to feel dizzy and his eyelids began to droop.

Cassie placed the bottle and syringe on the table next to Matt and walked over to Alicia and kissed her. "I am so lucky to have you here Lyssy....why don't we talk over my little baby's treatment" as she spoke Cassie worked her hand inside the lab-coat and began seducing the woman in front of everyone. The show was extremely erotic and Matt in his drug-addled state watched transfixed. His cock began to swell. Alicia was moaning with pleasure as this domineering goddess got ever more intimate. She broke the kiss and lead Alicia out of the lab by the hand. Svetlana closed the door and smiled at Venus. They turned to Matt and looked at him with a pure predatory lust, Venus returned to her place at Matt's groin and began sucking his cock once more, a short while later Svetlana appeared in Matt's vision looked down at him "You'll learn something about this place...If Cassie wants something, she gets it" she held up the syringe, no refilled with the black, viscous Femitropin. Matt barely had time to shout out before help felt another sting in his thigh and this time the world went dark once again.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Blood Dancer - Part 7.1

Kate's car screeched to a halt. There was spells being cast mere yards away from her...the thought turned Kate's stomach. There was an active witch in Lincoln Lake and she had just tried to seduce her. She had been so careless in splashing magical mischief around the town and it had put her quest in serious jeopardy. How had she let this happen...her agents had spent so much time in the town ensuring there was no threats in the area.

She was stunned...vampyre queens never panicked but this was the nearest she'd ever been to it. She had been too casual. Unforgivably sloppy and now, within touching distance of the ultimate prize, the rarest bloodline on the entire planet, she had lowered her guard and was in danger of throwing it away.

How could this have happened? She had researched the town meticulously. There ad been no trace of active magic or supernatural activity of any form. Her agents had absolutely explicit on that. Yet the wave of energy was unmistakable and it source was not in doubt. Brigit was a witch or sorceress.

Abruptly Kate realised her car was in the middle of the road. She regained her composure and drove home. There, hidden behind it's protective shields, she went over her actions and in particular the times when she had used magic. That was the only time she'd been vulnerable to detection. There had been the gentle mental caresses of Reverend Wilma and the Langdales but that would be undetectable. The danger would have been at the soccer match and afterwards at the barbeque...that explained Brigit's unexpected appearance. No, thought Kate, she was probably safe...for now.

She reclined in her armchair and simmered. If she wasn't relying on her former investigators for sustenance she would go down to her basement and slaughter them all. Their sloppiness had almost cost her very dear. Had her plan to seduce Brigit and take her as her lover been successful she would have been very she contemplated a completely different course of action. The witch would have to be dealt with, that much was obvious. In a big city that would not be a problem, people disappeared very easily in cities. In a town like Lincoln Lake a schoolteacher going missing would be very difficult to keep quiet.

Wilma would be key...the fact they'd spent the night together was intriguing. Brigit had to be aware of Wilma's seducing enchantment even if she didn't know the source. It would be just like a witch to stick her nose in as soon as she detected magic of any kind. They seemed to believe they had a monopoly on sorcery. Undoubtedly Kate's top priority had to be to find out if Brigit was a lone witch or there was a coven in town, if it was the latter then she had big problems. Knowing witches as she did Brigit would be doing everything she could to ensure Wilma's magical powers were contained and snuffed out. That only left Stacey, the two of them would undoubtedly be getting a visit from Brigit and her associates if there was any.

Kate needed to keep Brigit distracted until she was sure about what she was dealing with, frustrating her mission to investigate Wilma's magical power would be perfect, Kate would just need to keep a low profile and observe. As the new-comer in town she would naturally raise was vital now she merely blend into the background and let Brigid show her hand.

Kate mused for a while and then smiled broadly...she had the perfect thing, she retreated to her bedroom and opened her jewellery box. Unlike most ladies jewellery collections this was not mere trinkets and baubles but a thousand lifetimes worth of magical artefacts. In one of the draws she found her prize and held it up. Ironically fashioned into a cross but unblessed and therefore harmless to Kate she held it up and smiled. It was a perfect tool for the job, a magical shield that would grant the wearer an impenetrable protection against would instead reflect the aggressive spell back onto the user. This would frustrate Brigid's attempts to identify any destroy the magic within Wilma.

Smiling she placed the cross onto a silver chain and began to relax a little more. Tomorrow morning she would set her plan in motion.

Monday, 26 February 2018

The Perfect Agent - Part 12

They spent the afternoon in bed pausing their lovemaking only to order food and drink. This was delivered by Claudia and whenever she arrived with supplies she was beckoned into the bed to join in their sex-games. For that time Matt was allowed to participate as an equal in the hedonistic pleasures, Cassie merely kissed him on the forehead and told him he'd earnt it.

As late afternoon approached they relaxed more and Cassie began to make phone calls. Matt pretended to be dozing but listened intently to Cassie's side of the conversations. Most were dull and related to various perfumes, however eventually one peaked his interest.

"So...Astbury is still in the lab thinking over his decision" she giggled and listened to the reply then said "sounds like I have to see for myself"

Miles Astbury had been emailing Cassie about this "Femitropin" project and about the security breach which possibly related to Venus Green's sounded like coming here was definitely getting him nearer to find Venus.

He listened intently and almost gasped as Cassie said "And our friend Green is still enjoying being pampered?" the person at the other end spoke for a while until eventually he heard Cassie laugh and say say "Okay, you have persuaded me, I really need to check in on all this...I will come down to the lab to check on our little projects, see you later"

She then turned to Matt and said snuggled back into him. She pulled aside her robe and presented her nipple to Matt who hungrily began to suck on it. This woman was truly insatiable he thought. After the brief interlude Cassie stroked his hair and said "Mommy has to go and take care of some things...I will be back in about an hour baby. Claudia will look after you if you need anything, just use the intercom"

She left via the elevator and Matt looked at the dial above the doors to note that she'd gone to the lower basement level. It seemed that this elevator would take him all the way from the Cassie's penthouse to any floor in the building. Very useful. He lay there thinking over his next move...He had no idea where his mobile phone was now so getting in touch with HQ that way was impossible, the laptop in the room was password protected and there was no sign of a tablet. There was a phone but it would be suicide to just call British Secret Service from that as it would surely be monitored.

The more he thought about it the more he concluded he needed to find Venus, she was a veteran field operative and was definitely more equipped to work out how to get message back to Verity and Samantha...once they were fully in the loop the full force of British Secret Service would come down on Kali Incorporated. He had to be careful far he'd hopefully not aroused any suspicion but he could not just go snooping around the facility.

Watched the display above the elevator and eventually it moved from B2 to 4. Hopefully that meant that Cassie had moved to a different floor. This was his chance...He quickly put on the pants and hoodie he'd arrived in. He needed an excuse to be away should Cassie return...He buzzed the intercom and paged Claudia, when she answered he tried to sound casually and asked "I am all alone up here...would it be okay if I went to have a look around, Cassie was telling me about the view from the roof"

Claudia sounded groggy and Matt suspected she'd been asleep, she merely replied " you need me to show you"

Matt replied "No, I can use the elevator....I just want some fresh air"

Again Claudia mumbled "Okay, enjoy" and closed the line

"Perfect" thought Matt. He wrote Cassie a quick note "Have gone for some fresh air, Claudia said it would be okay x" and called the elevator. It arrived empty and he got in, this was it...his heart raced as he selected B2. This was real espionage, real danger...He toyed with the idea of playing it safe and waiting for an opportunity to get away from Cassie and contact HQ but he had no idea how long that would take. He did not even know where the Kali Facility this was the only way, Venus would know what to do.

The elevator doors closed and he descended to the sub-basement.

Down there it was a spotlessly clean laboratory environment. Directly outside the elevator door was a rack full of plastic clean-suits, surgical masks, goggles and plastic shower caps. Matt quickly put one on and instantly felt more anonymous and less exposed. He began exploring. There were several large laboratories each with scientists and doctors hard at work and they totally ignored the site of another clean-suit clad person.

At the far side of of the labs there was a corridor with numerous doors a sign "Stockage" sign marked them as storage rooms and sure enough they were filled with row upon row and crates and cylinders. Matt inspected the cylinders and found a whole wall of them to be marked with labels marked "Femitopin". He noted, however, they did not have any hazardous material markings. There were far few people here and Matt was able to explore with more freedom.

He moved on, he was beginning to wonder if he would ever find where Venus was being held when he noticed a sign reading "Salle de Traitement", Matt translated this as "Treatment Room"...He thought back to Cassie chuckled about Venus being "pampered". It was as good a lead as any.

He checked the first two rooms and found them to be standard clinic style rooms with beds and medical treatment tables. In the third room he found something that took his breath away. Venus...lying strapped to a gynecological table, her legs were splayed widely luridly exposing her groin whilst various pads and sensors were stuck all over her sweat soaked body.

Despite her face being covered with a air-mask Matt could hear that she was moaning desperately and Matt was not surprised as her groin was attached to an array of different machines. Firstly a machine with a wide, long artificial phallus was slowly, rhythmically sliding in and out of her pussy. It was glistening with either lubrication gel or Venus' own juices and was mercilessly mindlessly fucking her. This on it's own would have been enough but a huge vibrator want was positioned directly onto her clit giving her a second source of stimulation.

Matt watched transfixed as Venus' breathing grew deeper and more rapid, her moans of pleasure more intense, the screens on the wall showed her pulse rising and rising....then just as Matt was sure she would begin climaxing the machine shut down. Venus screamed into the mask, her frustration clear. Matt could only imagine how many cycles of orgasm denial this evil machine had put her through.

He quickly ran over and began removing the machines and unhooking the sensors. Finally he took off the air mask and a set of headphones that had been placed in her ears. By now Venus was more lucid "Quick untie me" she gasped, finally free of her torment. Matt fumbled with the restraints trying to ignore the fact that Venus was totally naked. "I know you..." she said "...Fyfe...Matt Fyfe from HQ"

He smiled as he worked "Rescue mission....just me though...I need your help"

Finally he freed her and she stood up shakily. Matt blushed at the site of her, he had had a crush on her for so long and now here she was naked in front of him...Matt frowned something was wrong though, Venus had always been lithe and athletic...they had worked out together in the service gymnasium many times. The woman standing in front of him was almost voluptuous...and her lips were plump and full.

His train of thought was interrupted as Venus said "Come on then...I will need some clothes...quickly" and walked over to a medical storage fridge. Matt nodded and began taking off the clean-suit, he was just bending down to slip it off over his legs when he felt a sharp pain in his neck....he looked round to see Venus holding a syringe "Silly boy" she said as Matt's vision went black and he collapsed to the floor.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

The Perfect Agent - Part 11

The journey to the airport was a lust-filled haze for Matt. He was not left alone for a second of the ride. The second the doors of the car were closed Claudia pounced on the sensory deprived young man and quickly took him to the edge of orgasm whilst Cassie spent the entire time kissing him. The two ladies were the perfect tag team and seemed to know exactly when to back off to in order to let Matt's impending orgasm subside. By the time he arrived at the private airfield he was moaning and begging frantically for release.

As the limo pulled into the secluded hangar his trousers were quickly zipped back and lead tentatively onto Cassie's private jet for the two hour flight to Switzerland. No-one even saw them go let alone checked identification. He was truly on his own now he realised.

Matt was carefully lead onto Kali Incorporated's private plane by his two teasing dominatrixes. It was utterly exciting but extremely un-nerving at the same time. He felt hands on his shoulders and sunk downwards into a plush seat and allowed one of the ladies to fasten a seatbelt around his waist. As that first belt clipped shut he yelped in alarm as a second strap was drawn across his chest. Cassie kissed his ear, briefly removed his earphones and whispered "Relax baby, your training is continuing but if you think you'll be joining the mile high club of this trip guess again". A finger drew his chin to one side and Cassie being kissing him while Claudia attached straps to his ankles leaving him totally imprisoned in his seat. He was sat immobile between two women who's primary mission was to make every second of his journey the most mind-blowingly exquisite sexual torment imaginable.

Whilst the jet taxied the two ladies applied the fresh lustrous coating of Kali's latest lip-gloss "Fatale" and liberally doused themselves, and Matt, in another of Cassie's intense perfume creations "Enrapture". Once the jet was airborne Claudia unclasped her seatbelt and was straight onto her knees to pull down Matt's filmy, lightweight pants....the teasing began all over again. Cassie snapped her fingers and was served with a glass of champagne which she sipped slowly and kissed into Matt's mouth.

Without any visual stimulation and just a constant stream of audio porn the sensory overload was overwhelming but Claudia was one of the most skilled and disciplined oral tempresses in the world and Matt was utterly helpless. His swollen, pulsing, turgid cock was literally adored for virtually the entirety of the journey while Cassie kissed his lips, cheeks, ears and neck leaving endless pink smears across his flesh.

The was moaning, groaning, begging, pleading...teased to the point of insanity, exactly how Cassie wanted him. At the midpoint of the flight she gently patted Claudia on the head and she stopped her ministrations, removing one earplug she whispered "If you ask to cum now Claudia will give you the orgasm you are so desperate for for....OR if you just sit back and enjoy you can fuck me the second we arrive at my suite in's up to you....I won't be mad and I know Claudia is desperate for your cum".

Matt's mind was a fog, his entire body was tingling and covered in sweat....He knew this was another of Cassie's tests just like the previous night and yet he was utterly, utterly desperate for release. He knew what she should answer but the past two hours had been such a torment. He knew what Cassie wanted but he was simply not sure he could endure anymore. He was still deliberating when Cassie whispered once again "I think you want to wait, I think you want to get to my bedroom and rip my clothes off, fling me to the bed and fuck my brains out"

"Oh god" thought Matt, how could he really refuse?

Cassie continued "Be a good boy and I won't care if you fuck my pussy, face or ass....I won't care if you last 5 seconds or 5 hours....I will be yours use..." She giggled "It's up to you". and with that she replaced the earphone and let Claudia resume her teasing.

Matt bit his lip and allowed the torment to continue.

It was over an hour later when the three descended down the stairs of the plane arm in arm. Although still wearing the blacked out sunglasses and earphones Matt surmised they were at a private airfield because of the lack of bustle you'd expect at an international airport and the fact that the next vehicle was waiting just a few short steps away from their private jet. He was carefully lead up a couple of steps and once again sat down in a seat. It became apparent it was a helicopter and to Matt's relief there was no repeat performance of Claudia's expert cock-teasing. Cassie removed his earplugs (a relief given it had been wall to wall erotica with an endless backing track of women in the throws of ecstasy) and almost incongruously she chatted to Matt in a normal every day manner. "So I may be busy with a few meetings her and there but other than that I want you to treat this as a vacation".

Matt smiled "I presume your star pupil is going to get more training from his strict, demanding tutor"

Cassie chuckled "You are ADORABLE" she said

Evidently the Kali Incorporated estate in Geneva wasn't too far away because Matt was soon lead by the hand through a set of doors, into an elevator and then, finally, the blindfold was removed. They were in a sumptuous boudoir and Cassie was already stripping off her clothes. Once she was naked the curvaceous dominatrix unlocked and Matt's handcuffs and within seconds the two were on the king-sized bed kissing and stroking.

Cassie growled "Now you get to tear me apart".

It was a long afternoon.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

In Her Debt - Part 63

For the next few weeks Alex's life was a promised he was pampered and adored virtually 24 hours a day as Arabella, Georgina and Reverend Jane all redoubled their efforts to totally immerse the young submissive in a world of delicious sexuality.

They worked out a rota for when each of them would take the poor bewildered boy to their bedrooms and ensured they were fresh and ready in full makeup wearing their sexiest outfits whilst Alex hovered on the point of blissful exhaustion the entire time. True to their word he got to fuck them each and every way he desired. His life was one long orgy with one constant theme...there was not one trace of masculinity allowed. Each and every day he was given the pinkest, frilliest, softest clothing to wear. More often than not this was lingerie, perfectly adequate for skipping for bed to bed, but gradually he was given more and more every day pyjamas were the first thing then a nice sophisticated trouser and blouse outfit before moving on to a cute skater dress. Fluffy pink slippers changed to pumps and then to kitten heels. The process was inexorable.

Each outfit in this endless feminisation fashion show was greeted with squeals of delight and sighs of approval as the ladies expertly caressed Alex's psyche. He received endless affirmation, reassurance and positivity. All his ensembles were meticulously photographed and posted online on both the pay per view websites and the new social media profiles Georgina had set up for him. Alexa's profile was quickly gaining popularity as Georgina posted links to it on the various forums and sites that had featured his previous escapades at the clinic. Georgina refused no-one access to the account and reveled in the amount of lust her new favourite plaything inspired from people around the world, she giggled at the thought of all these kinky domineering women and submissives feminized males becoming intimately acquainted with their little pet.

Arabella too was finding Alex's growing online fanbase ever more exciting. She engaged with Dommes from around the world and discussed Alex's future. Everything from bukkake gangbangs right through to hormone treatments and surgeries were openly discussed with nothing ever off the table. Some of the suggestions she received from these ladies made her cum of the spot, some of them were too outrageous to even contemplate. At no point was it ever contemplated that Alex might have any free will in any of this. There was a growing list of women who she thought would make excellent tutors of babysitters for Alex should the need arise and there were a vast array of men and women who would pay staggering amounts for intimate encounters with Alex. That was for another day, for now they pressed on with the boy's indoctrination.

Already Alex was spending time chatting with some of the more gentle, maternal of the online Dommes...Arabella called them his "Mommies" although a large part of these chat sessions involved filthy cyber-sex. This was an important part of the plan, these gentle seductresses were getting him used to the near intrusion. So far his boundaries had been eroded to the point where they didn't exist but Arabella knew adding ever more layers to his new feminized submissive lifestyle would make it utterly inescapable.

Twice a week Nicole and Lydia from Dr Valerie's clinic came over to treat their "favourite outpatient". After the initial kissing and groping calmed down Alex was taking to the house salon. This consisted of him being stripped and strapped into a gynecological examination chair. With their prey totally immobilised the two sadistic lesbians would don their trademark opera masks and begin rigging up cameras to broadcast Alex to the world. At first the boy mewled and complained but Arabella waved away his objections. He was, after all, already the darling of the online world and mere beauty treatments could hardly compare to the deflowering and debauchery people had already witnessed. Besides how would his Mommies keep track of him if they could view him online.

Arabella was thrilled with how her innocent little pet was immersing himself in this world of feminized hedonism...She lay in bed with Doctor Valerie watching the live feed from her in-house beauty salon. The two ladies sipped champagne and entwined lovingly...they had known each other for many years and had been lovers for most of that time. Arabella seemed to have the perfect instinct for unearthing submissive sex-slaves whilst Valery's clinic was fully equipped to take this raw material and mould them into helpless, blushing feminized sissies. They watched Nicole paint gloss onto his lips whilst Lydia brushed a delicate pink powder across his cheeks. In the corner the "Alexa Chamberlain" chatroom scrolled rapidly as Alex's online audience discussed his latest look. Valerie kissed Arabella and said "It's time for his vacation". Arabella smiled back "You are right darling....but not right now" and the two ladies snuggled in for an extended love-making session.

Alex's fate was sealed...

Friday, 8 December 2017

Blood Dancer - Part 6.3

Brigid came around slowly, she was groggy but the first thing she was aware of was a round fleshy breast dominating her vision and a plump swollen nipple rubbing against her lips. Dozily she began kissing and sucking on it and was reward by some gentle cooing from Wilma "Good girl Brigid...suckle for mommy and she'll make you all better". Once again Brigid was in awe of the levels of filth emanating from the local preacher.

She instinctively wrapped her arms around Wilma's thick frame and realised she was no longer handcuffed to the bed. As she sucked and nibble her lover's breast she began to become aware of the pain from her poor ravaged body. The burns from the wax as well as all the other torments made her feel like she'd been in a car wreck. One thing was missing though, her butt felt empty so Wilma had obviously finally decided to remove the dildo at some stage while she was unconscious, "Thank the goddess for small mercies" thought Brigid.

She was eager for a break from the raucous, intense fucking Wilma had previously subjected her too, she was also anxious to be allowed to spend more time in Wilma's home and find the source of her magic. That, after all, had been the sole reason for going home with Wilma....well almost all of it thought Brigid and she sucked on Wilma's glorious breast. She snaked her hand down between the older woman's thighs and they parted instantly allowing her to begin gently caressing her pussy. The two woman melted into each other and began another session of divinely pleasurable lovemaking.

It was a couple of hours later when the two famished woman finally left Wilma's bedroom. Wilma could barely contain her amusement as Brigid opted to stand she ate the pasta dish Wilma had hurriedly cooked for her. The summer dress Brigid had been wearing yesterday had been found in a crumpled ripped heap just inside the house and had had to be repaired with safety pins. Brigid for her part just needed to locate the magical power source...given the strength of the enchantment it should be difficult to find but so far she couldn't sense anything. She put down her empty plate and smiled at the pastor who was now wearing a towel robe "You know" she said "I don't think I've ever been in a church's house before...will you show me round".

Wilma smiled and rose to her feet "Sure...but it's all pretty normal" she said leading the way and showing Brigid the various rooms. As the tour progressed Brigid used her divining charm to try and detect any residual magic in the building....there was none. The only thing she could detect was Wilma herself. It was impossible, she thought, it must be here. There must be something...the spell Wilma was exhibiting would have to leave some trace. Her charm was hugely would detect some sort of energy even if it was to shield the actual source. It dawned on Brigid as she looked at Wilma, she was not the enchantress, she was the enchanted...someone had put a powerful but subtle lust spell on her and Brigid had exposed herself to it. She had submitted to hour after hour of sexual torment for nothing. There was clearly no magic to be found here, just a woman under a hugely powerful lust spell and an idiot witch who'd just been fucked to exhaustion for no reason. Brigid could feel herself blushing...she wanted to scream obscenities but she had to keep up her smiling visage. Wilma saw her as nothing more than a kinky little temptress, she couldn't risk anything confusion or scandal. She would have to return to Wilma in order to counter the spell she was under. It was simply too dangerous to leave the woman as this wanton lust-machine for any longer than necessary. After that was taken care of she then had to start her search for the source of the enchantment.

Stacey, she thought, it must be her...nothing else made sense...she must have been using black magic on herself and enchanted Wilma as a prank...But would anyone with such a high level of power and expertise do that? The only other option was there was another sorcerer in Lincoln Lake casting spells on two random people...Why would that be?

About an hour later Brigid walked slowly into her house. Wilma had driven her most of the way but was anxious to avoid being seen with the local school teacher and so had dropped her a couple of blocks away. During the drive they had chatted amiably and giggled about their previous night's adventure. Brigid's fury had cooled somewhat...Wilma after all, was acting under the influence of magic when she had visited all those torments on Brigid. Brigid decided to chalk the encounter to experience and make the most of having a new friend and extremely skilled sexual partner in town. They kissed very quickly and Brigid exit the car on a quite side-street.

She reached her home, flopped through the door and quickly passed out exhausted on her sofa.

She had no idea how long she'd been asleep when her phone woke her up by buzzing. A Facebook alert. A friend request from Wilma. "Understandable" she thought and accepted it. It would be useful setting up a date in order to disenchant Wilma.

Almost immediately a message popped up

"Can't stop thinking about the things we got up to"

"I am exhausted" replied Brigid

"You poor thing, I wanted to rub some cream into those marks on your butt"

Brigid smiled, Wilma was still under the influence of the spell and obviously still horny. 
"Tease" she replied

"Oh don't worry...I don't tease. Next time I will be much more inventive" came the message almost instantly

Oh fuck thought Brigid, she was about to reply when another message popped up

"Tomorrow evening you will be at the church for 7pm...Last night was just a gentle introduction"

Brigid didn't like where this was going...she was definitely going to see Wilma again but the thought of more sado-masochistic sex was not very enticing given how ravaged her body was right now. "I might need some more recovery time before a repeat performance...maybe just dinner?" she replied. She figured that was a good response...Agree to meet as early as possible and rid her of the spell.

This time a video popped up. It was of Brigid lying handcuffed on Wilma's bed. Her body was writhing in pleasure and a sextoy was pressed against her pussy. It was making her moan wantonly and beg for more.

A message popped up after it "Mommy loves watching her little baby, so many of these to choose from"

Then another "This screen is so small though....maybe I will have to upload it to give it a bigger screen"

Brigid actually growled at this, was Wilma really going to blackmail her? She was the fucking local pastor for fuck's sake. Either this spell was warping Wilma's mind or she was an evil domineering bitch to being with. Whichever it was Brigid did not need this complication in her life.

"7pm at the church...and you are forbidden from wearing bra or panties between now and then. If you are a good girl then I will keep your adventures all to myself, you are my little slut now. Understand"

Brigid was incandescent with rage, she punched the wall and instantly howled in pain as she broke several bones in her hand...she slumped to the floor and began crying. This was turning into a nightmare, Brigid had to reply now and buy some time so she can cast her counter spell on Wilma. She didn't really have any choice but to go along with things. How could she, a fully trained witch,

"You are so naughty ;) ;) ;)" she replied typing with one hand and the phone on the floor

"Good girl" came the reply.

Brigid lay there for a while utterly, utterly miserable. The agony was coming at her from all angles. The wax-burns, scratches, belt marks, internal bruising from the rough invasions of several sex-toys and now her wrist. She needed to heal her body as best she could, she clambered to her feet and was just about to go to her bedroom when her doorbell went.

She limped to the door and was astounded to see Kate, the exotic European new-comer at her door.

"Hi" she said "I hope you don't mind...I looked you up in the phone book"

Even in her pain addled state Kate took Brigid's breath away. She was the most desirable woman she'd ever met. She wore high heels, tight-leather trousers, a white blouse topped off with sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat. What on earth was she doing at her door...any why now.

For her part Kate was utterly amused at the exhausted woman who prized open the door. It was now early evening and she was wearing the same dress as she had been yesterday afternoon. It was now held together with safety pins and Brigid had an impressive array of lovebites emerging on her neck and chest. It seemed Wilma's lovespell was proving as irresistible as she'd hoped. She had decided Brigid was worthy of seduction yesterday and so had made efforts to find her. She was clearly an outsider in Lincoln Lake and one of the most interesting people she'd met....and cute too with her short red hair and pixie-like features. Kate had spent the evening thinking about making this attractive young woman her pet for the duration of her stay here. She had clearly had a long rough night of lovemaking and utterly bemused to find Kate at her door. "I enjoyed chatting to you and I think we are both newcomers in town so I thought we could get to know each other better".

Brigid was still peeping out from behind the door looking confused, why was this gorgeous woman here? Ordinarily she would want nothing more than to spend time with her but the last 24 hours had been too much to take. She tried her best to smile "Yeah....that'd be great.....I am just really beat right now"

Kate new how alluring she looked, she bit her lip coquettishly "So can I come in?" she asked. The invisible magical enchantment preventing her from entering a home until invited crackled angrily at her.

Brigid couldn't process it all, Kate was so gorgeous...but she couldn't see her like this. She was a mess "Listen, I am not being rude...I am really feeling unwell...I just need to hit the sack. Can I get your number"

This was unexpected for Kate...she had never had trouble gaining entry to people's houses and seducing mortals into becoming her adoring sex-slaves was as easy as breathing...Rejection was a very rare event. Given how exhausted Brigid looked she couldn't imagine her being much use for the raucous, energetic activities she had planned. She decided to be discreet and not press the issue. Instead she merely smiled and produced her card from her purse. She smiled as she handed it over and allowed her hand to brush against Brigid's skin seductively...and with that she bid the diminutive redhead adieu.

Brigid closed the door and cursed...Kate was stunning and was clearly coming on to her...why had this had to happen now in the middle of a crisis like this.

She cursed Wilma and whoever it was had bewitched her then stumbled upstairs and cast a healing spell on her broken wrist before flopping onto her bed.

20 yards down the road Kate's car screeched to a halt. The wave of magic had hit her immediately and it's source was unmistakable....Brigid's house.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Blood Dancer - Part 6.2

Brigid squirmed and writhed but there was really no point, she was bound and helpless. She wracked her brains to think of a way out of this but even if her magic could manipulate metal it would be visible on the webcam and the risk of having her true nature revealed we too great. She just settled back and tried to pass the time.

There was something else though...the taste of Wilma's pussy was seeping from the panties into her mouth whilst the second pair made every breath heavily laden with there womanly was making her more and more horny. "Oh great" thought Brigid "...I am pavlov's slut".

She tried to concentrate on anything other than Wilma's essence but every breath brought back an array of filthy thoughts and recollections from the previous night's debauchery. "What is wrong with me" she thought as she felt her arousal building. Before long the scent was making her pussy moist and she rubbed her thighs together to try and get herself off. She writhed and even tried to force the dildo further up her ass in a desperate attempt to cum. She could imagine what a dirty little whore she must look like on that webcam but she was going out of her mind.

As she squirmed she felt her crystal charm necklace, it must now be amplifying her own arousal and turning it back on her...then Brigid realised, she had had this charm on throughout their sex session. If Wilma was boosting her own sexual desires and allure it was logical that she was taking in this extra sexual energy from those around her. This would normally be okay but Brigid's charm was amplifying every the sexual enchantment and channeling it to Brigid so she could detect it. She had unwittingly created a feedback loop which had propelled the two women's lust higher and higher and would continue to do so indefinitely. No wonder the sex was so wild and debauched....every single act, every single wave of pleasure had fueled yet great lust. The orgasms had got stronger and more intense because the charms was boosting everything. She had to get it off as soon as she could otherwise this could lead to potentially destructive levels of wild, hedonistic debauchery.

If anything the panic Brigid was feeling only seemed to make her more horny but try as she might she couldn't bring herself over the edge to finally orgasm. She even contemplated flipping over and humping the mattress in a desperate effort to cum but she knew that Wilma's webcam was observing and broadcasting every single moment of it. Instead she tried to calm herself and suppress her out of control lust. Blindfolded, enduring a wildly out of control sexual enchantment and only her lover's taste and scent for company she lay there going slowly out of her mind.

Eventually she heard Wilma re-enter the bedroom "That was so naughty of me, I could see you there on my tablet as I was trying to preach". She felt Wilma climb onto the bed and straddle her. Brigid had to take her charm-necklace off otherwise Wilma's magic would continue to drive them to potentially dangerous levels of depravity. Wilma continued "I think I am going to punish you for being so distracting" and removed the mask covering Brigid's eye.

The first thing Brigid saw was this Buxom BBW towering above her with a thick altar candle in her hand. She barely had time to protest before the searing hot stream of wax was poured over Brigid's upper chest. The young redhead moaned into the gag and Wilma set the candle aside on a tray laying beside them on the bed...the tray contained three other identical candles "Oh FUCK" thought Brigid.

Wilma smiled down adoringly at Brigid as she grabbed the second one and poured it onto the helpless redhead's left breast, this time Brigid screamed in pain as the wax hit her sensitive flesh "Oh don't be such a baby..." chided Wilma "...Me and the other female pastors used to do this to each other every day at college". The next candle was held aloft above Brigid and she began to feel a very real fear, she shook her head to Wilma to say "No" but the pastor's sadistic streak hand been enflamed and there was no stopping her "I know what's best darling" she said as she slowly and deliberately poured the wax over her right breast, this time ensuring the swollen nipple was totally coated and the screams eminating from Brigid more guttural and intense. Because she had poured the wax more slowly the candle was still burning and Wilma began methodically drip, drip, dripping the red hot wax down towards her groin. The poor witch's torments still had a long way to go.

Wilma lingered on Brigid's belly button and the young redhead whimpered, although scared her lust levels were still through the roof and this in turn was fueling Wilma's arousal too. With her free hand Wilma began gently and lovingly caressing Brigid's pussy. It was an overload of pain, fear and pleasure and soon Brigid was moaning and whimpering for a completely different reason as Wilma's expert fingers coaxed her towards the climax she was so desperate for. Waves of pleasure and explosions of white hot pain continued as Wilma smiled and continued the twin torments "Yes, baby...Mommy always knows what's best for you" she whispered.

Soon Brigid realised the source of the pleasure and the source of the pain were getting ever closer as Wilma's moved the candle lower. There was a thick tension in the air and Brigid surrendered to the pleasuring. Wilma began stroking more firmly and the rhythm increased...soon there was no confusing the reason for the muffled groans Brigid produced. The wax was no dotted all around her groin and the orgasms were rolling through her body as Wilma's deftly stroked her towards climax. The pleasure was masking the pain now or was the pain fueling the pleasure? Brigid was losing herself to this exquisite magic enhanced ecstasy. It was the most intense feeling she'd ever experienced and fireworks of pleasure were going off in her mind as the wax was dripped millimters from her pussy lips.

The waves of arousal was stronger and more fulsome than anything she'd ever experienced and she surrendered herself to it, she locked eyed with Wilma and smiled wickedly at her...Brigid was gasping and groaning and screaming with pleasure, as the climax hit Wilma grabbed the final candle and poured it onto Brigid's soft, swollen super-sensitive pussy

Brigid roared with a mix of agony and utterly delicious pleasure as the most intense orgasm of her life so far crashed through her poor, ravaged body....She blacked out.