Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Lost In Fashion - Part 15.2

Amanda had had a super-modern, super-expensive shower installed. It had heads and nozzles everywhere as well as a seat to perch on. It was huge and could act as a steam room as well as a shower. Amanda quickly set it going and the two frolicked in the sumptuous jets of hot water.

Cleanliness was definitely not the focus although certain parts of both bodies did end up getting a huge amount of Amanda's expensive skincare products massaged into them. It was a wonderful way for both girls to grope, fondle and explore each others bodies.

Eventually Amanda drew Jenny to her in a long drenched hug. The water cascaded over both as they held each other...then Amanda retreated and perched on the seat "The only purpose this can possibly have is masturbation or sex" she said, then biting her lip she added "up until now I've had no-one to help me".

Jenny raised her eyebrows in shock "again?"

For once Amanda looked shy and almost embarrassed...she merely nodded. And so for the second time that day Jenny ended up going down on her friend and housemate. It was awkward kneeling on the tiled floor of the shower and the running water made her lose her rhythm a couple of times but another orgasm was gifted on her seemingly insatiable friend. The hunger Amanda felt for her and her casual demanding demeanour was almost overwhelming but Jenny realised it was also extremely intoxicating to be so wanted.

As she lapped away at Amanda's clit she felt her own pussy engorge with arousal as she thought about she last 12 hours. Without even realising it her hand wandered down to her pussy and she began toying gently with her slit sending the first waves of orgasmic pleasure through her as she continued tonguing Amanda. She was just settling into a rhythm when she remembered the conversation from last night. Amanda had specifically said "No masturbating without permission". Was she really serious about that? Jenny was fundamentally horny now and she realised the thought of the masturbation ban had raised her arousal to new heights.

Amanda raised herself on the "masturbation seat" and opened her thigh wider, she used the two grab rails to support her weight and casually draped her legs over Jenny's back. As her submissive lover set to work she moaned and ran her fingers through her long wet hair.

Jenny moved her hand away in accordance with Amanda's rule and was soon bringing her lover to another shuddering climax. Being on her knees having lesbian sex and being so submissive to someone who clearly wanted her so much was such a thrill and she eagerly anticipated an orgasm of her own next. As Amanda tossed her head back and enjoyed her second orgasm of the day Jenny's arousal levels were reaching their peak. Amanda slid off the seat and pulled Jenny to her feet...they kissed under she gushing cascade of hot water and Amanda let her hand wonder over Jenny's body. This immediately caused her to groan gutturally and a gentle caress of Jenny's pussy revealed how hot, sticky and engorged she was. "Perfect" thought Amanda and began gently toying with her lover's clit and nipples.

Jenny was in heaven now, she closed her eyes and revelled in the attention. One hand strummed her slit gently whilst the other stroked and cupped her breast...she felt Amanda's hot wet mouth close on the other and gasped in sheer bliss. As she felt her climax build, however, the caresses become gentler and lighter allowing her pleasure levels to drop and simmer rather than cascade over the edge into ecstasy. After a short while the attention became intense once more and the orgasm built only for the cycle to repeat once more and the sweet torment to continue. After a third and forth round of expertly administered edgeplay Jenny was going out of her mind...she never wanted this to end but she was also desperate to cum. Amanda was keeping her on the brink and Jenny was responding perfectly. As Amanda slackened her strokes fir the fifth time Jenny mewled with need "Please..." she begged.

Amanda brought Jenny head onto her shoulder and cupped her pussy tenderly "I promise to make you cum but I want you to do something first kitten". Jenny could barely register a coherent thought and merely moaned in response. Amanda reached to the shelf containing her various shower paraphernalia and produced a brand new ladies razor. She held it up in front of Jenny and at the same time ran her fingernails through her pubic hair.

Jenny was still panting after the exquisite edgeplay and so gasped "You want me to...."

Amanda smiled "New house-rule" then kissed Jenny utterly lovingly "...it would make me so happen if you did this for me".

Jenny's mind was whirling yet again, it felt like as soon as she was dealing with one gloriously crazy event another slammed into her to keep her constantly off balance. Amanda moved her hand down through the public hair and ran her nails over Jenny's swollen pussy-lips then used her middle finger to gently penetrate her "then it will be all about you I promise" she whispered. Jenny squeaked with pure lust and reached for the razor.

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Monday, 19 June 2017

Lost in Fashion - Part 15.1

The two girls slept in each other's arms for the second night running. This night was totally different to the last one however...both of them lay there for the longest time thinking about what had just happened.

Jenny snuggled her body back into Amanda's and felt the curves and warmth. She had just had sex with Amanda...AMANDA. She mused that she probably almost had a crush on this rich, confident sexy raven-haired girl even before they become close friends. Since her finances had deteriorated and she had dropped out of college social life Amanda had become her only real friend on campus and the two had become inseparable. Now they'd just had sex....and what sex it was. It had literally rocked her world...like fireworks, judging from Amanda's reaction to her first ever experience of giving cunnilingus the feeling had been mutual, at the very least. Jenny's mind was alive with possible futures...what would happen tomorrow and how would their relationship change.

For Amanda's part she lay with Jenny's slender body spooning hers and wrapped her arm around her middle. She was happier than she could remember...she had lived an opulent life revolving primarily around pleasure and hedonism, this had only increased since she had arrived at University and become friends with Georgina and her debauches social circle. This was different though...Jenny was hers now. She had been taken with the shy, self-conscious girl since they first met. She was infatuated with the timidity with which she carried her delicate beauty and prodigious talent for her chosen subject. Finding her secret online persona as a submissive bisexual had cemented the deal. Jenny's fate was sealed...she would belong to Amanda one way or the other.

Now Amanda had her where she wanted she just needed to lead her further down the rabbit-hole and further under her control. She was actually surprised how willing Jenny had been. She suspected she had a young lover only too eager to be a sex-slave...just the thought turned her on and Amanda considered waking Jenny too coax her into another round of lovemaking. No, she decided, best rest and continue the seduction in the morning.

Hours later a half-conscious Jenny felt Amanda's grip on her tummy tighten slightly and her body press tighter against her back. The memories came flooding back in an instant. The humiliation and despair turning to confusion then lust...then hunger...then ecstasy. It had all happened...her and Amanda had made love. She heard Amanda let out a long sigh then felt a kiss on her shoulder, then another, then one one the nape of her neck. She purred in response and Amanda gently bit her ear and whispered "Regrets kitten?"

The fact she'd used kitten instead of Jenny registered immediately but there was time to dwell on it. Jenny squirmed her way round and kissed Amanda on her her full, plump lips, "Not for a second" she answered.

Amanda smiled broadly and kissed her back, briefly she pressed her tongue into Jenny's mouth and they french kissed for a time before Amanda retreated gently biting Jenny's lip as she pulled away "Worries then?"

This question caught Jenny of guard She frowned and said "What do you mean?"

Amanda smiled "Well a few weeks ago we were 'Jenny' and 'Amanda', then we were 'kitten' and 'Mistress'....then last night I had you tied naked to me bed....."

Jenny kissed Amanda and said "That was my favourite bit" and giggled as Amanda raised an eyebrow "What about you?" she enquired

It was Amanda's turn to be lascivious now "My only fear is that I could get addicted to that tongue of yours...which reminds me, don't you mind me being a greedy bitch?" she said and brought her hands up to Jenny's shoulder and began pressing downward. The meaning was clear and Jenny smiled then slithered downwards to deliver her second ever round of cunnilingus. This time Amanda's thighs and pussy were hotter and more sweaty and musky but it was still a huge thrill to feel the pleasure shuddering through Amanda's body. Thirty minutes later Amanda was panting with post-coital satisfaction and Jenny was kissing her way back up Amanda's body to come up for air.

The two lay there dozing sligthly, there sweaty bodies plastered together. Eventually Jenny roused herself "I'll make breakfast" and stepped out of bed. Amanda watched her go "Kitten? I know we are going to have to talk about this but I want you to know that that was the best, most glorious sex I've ever had". Jenny's smile lit up the room and hearing this and Amanda reached down beside the bed and pulled up the scarf that just hours earlier had been tying Jenny to the bed "Whatever we decide would you keep this?"

Jenny's smiled got even broader as she looked at the beautiful girl she'd just spent the night with, she took the scarf and quickly wrapped it over her neck and down her front to make a makeshift halter-neck top significantly less revealing than the one she had been wearing yesterday then left to fix them some food.

As she moved to the kitchen she grabbed her phone and noted it had just enough battery power to send a tweet to @kthedomme

@KtheDomme i think we are are going to be okay, will tell you more when I have time 

About 20 minutes later she returned with a tray bearing two cups of coffee and two bowls of porridge. "I am sorry but this is the best I could do, we still need to go shopping".

They sat eating their breakfast, Amanda in bed and Jenny say on the dressing table stool, eventually Amanda broke the silence and said "So..." leaving the question hanging in the air.

Jenny surprised her by taking the initiative "So..., I don't know what you think but I really don't want this to be a one time thing" she said, she looked down as she said it away from Amanda avoiding eye-contact. It didn't matter, it was enough for Amanda.

"Me either, but....." Amanda paused in her reply, then pressed on "...I loved it last night...I mean loved it. Everything about it. Having you there, between my legs, tied to my bed....I am worried that it will make me this bossy, controlled, demanding person....I want to think about things today and do some reading and then we can talk later. Does that sound okay?"

Jenny looked at Amanda, it was clear why she had called her "kitten" earlier now...the dynamic with Amanda in control was undoubtedly first and foremost in Amanda's mind. This made things different...more intense, but then again last night had been amazing on every level. She nodded and Amanda smiled.

They finished their porridge and Amanda quickly put the bowls on the dressing table. She took Jenny by the hand and grinned "Big advantage to this...no more waiting for the shower" and leader them to the bathroom.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Lost in Fashion - Part 14.4

They kissed and kissed kissed with Amanda holding Jenny's cheeks. It was tender and adoring and their lips met perfectly. At the same time Jenny's hand gently delicately strumming up and down between Amanda's panties and her swollen, sopping wet pussy.

As the moments passed Amanda's moans became more gutteral and Jenny used both her hands to pull down the panties giving her full unfettered access to Amanda's crotch. They continued their kiss as Jenny stroked up and down on Amanda's slit before pressing between her pussy lips and against the swollen, engorged clit.

Jenny's boldness and eagerness took Amanda by surprise...Orgasms washed over her and as she recovered she moved her lips away from Jenny's. "Please kiss me down there kitten" she gasped.

Jenny's breath was ragged too, she looked into Amanda's eyes intensely "I've never done it before" she said.

Amanda smiled and stroked her face lovingly, she traced almost imperceptibly over her lips "You'll be wonderful, I promise" she whispered.

Jenny slipped down onto her knees between Amanda's legs and pulled up the frilly skirt. She had never really been this close to another woman's groin. Amanda's pussy was hot and wet and swollen. "Oh god oh god oh god oh god" she thought to herself "this is going to happen....WITH AMANDA". She didn't care, she was so turned on. She wanted this, she wanted to make Amanda cum.

She moved down further, nearer to the glistening slit. As her face drew near Amanda lay back and parted her legs. Her hand reached down and stroked Jenny's hair...then gently pressed Jenny's head forward. Jenny's lips met Amanda's sopping wet pussy in a gentle, delicate, perfect kiss and Amanda sighed with pleasure and utter, utter contentment. This was it...there no going back now.

Timid at first Jenny planted those first adoring kisses and instantly got a reaction as Amanda began to moan. She felt her grip on her head tighten, not harsh but firm and earnest...it left no doubt that she should press on. She kissed some more and pressed her face firmly against Amanda's groin before at long last daring to run her tongue up the length of her slit. The reaction was one of sheer shuddering pleasure and Amanda's thighs clamped more tightly around her head. She continued and before long was lapping away at her pussy.

As the arousal intensified Amanda began squirming and writing and Jenny reached up and gripped Amanda's thighs to ensure she kept up the oral tongue-worship. She was a novice to cunnilingus but had spent so many nights alone in her shabby room while all her friends were out enjoying themselves...she had certainly became an expert at masturbation. She could feel the waves of orgasm hitting her lover's body and so redoubled her tongueing. She concentrated endlessly on Amanda's fully engorged clit and was soon rewarded with moans and groans of ecstacy.

On and on it went...Amanda was lying back on the coffee table getting the oral examination of her life. It was almost too much that this beautiful, shy, timid girl turn out to be such a natural pussy worshipper. Amanda gave encouragement and demands and left her adorer in no doubt what required. Orgasm after orgasm washed over her and she was soon approaching a huge climax.

Jenny flicked her tongue rapid over Amanda's clit and recognised the signs that her friend was about cum. She ravished that beautiful pussy with everything she had and felt Amanda buck and shout with sheer rapture. Amanda for her part knew what was approaching a grabbed Jenny's hair, pulling her submissive girl tightly against her groin. She clamped her thighs around her head and moments later she felt herself begin to squirt as a final massive orgasm hit.

Jenny had never experienced female ejaculation until now and she was quite shocked as Amanda's hot juices erupted into her mouth. She coughed at first but had no choice but to swallow. She gulped down what had spurted into her mouth as she felt shuddering spasms of pleasure wrack Amanda's body...then there was stillness. The grip on her head slackened and all the remained was Amanda's wordless sighs and deep exhausted panting.

She lay with her head nestling against Amanda's pussy not caring about the sticky wetness. Presently Amanda came to her senses. She propped herself up on one elbow and looked at Jenny with an expression of pure predatory lust "Let's get you to bed" she said.

Still clad in the slutty French maid's outfit she swung her leg over Jenny and stood up shakily. She took Jenny's hands and pulled her to ger feet trying not to smile at the outfit she'd been wearing for two days now. A skimpy blue halter neck top and a flimsy mini-skirt...it covered very little of Jenny's pale, perfect skin. She lead Jenny towards the bedroom, walking backwards with their eyes looked together. Neither said anything but Amanda felt she could see trepidation in Jenny's eyes. She smiled to reassure her.

In the bedroom Amanda hugged Jenny feeling tension in her body...the passion had ebbed away now leaving the reality of was happening there for all to see. They made a contrasting couple. Amanda was shorter with more curves and jet black hair. She had dark eyes and full pouting lips, Jenny was more slender with long reddy-brown hair. She was naturally beautiful but wore it with a sense of shyness. Amanda stroked Jenny's cheek "it'll be okay" she whispered then began shrugging and struggling to get out of the overnight dress.

Jenny giggled slightly and said "Come here" spinning her friend round to help her with the zip. The dress was quickly discarded and Amanda turned round to look at Jenny as she removed the stockings. She stood before Jenny naked and utterly desirable. Amanda had no doubt how attractive she was and looked at Jenny almost challengingly. Jenny took a moment to drink in Amanda's ripe beauty, she hesitate to disrobe know how plain she would feel but knew there was no going back now. She reached behind her and undid the tiny string that keot the top in place and then discarded it. The skirt followed suit almost immediately.

Amanda bit her lip, she looked at Jenny and could imagine anyone more perfect. She was head over heals in love with this girl...she wanted her so much it scared her. Then the realisation hit her, she had her...she actually had her for her own. She moved in to embrace her. Her E cup breasts pressing against Jenny's perky Cs. She kissed her and let her hands wander up Jenny's back, a sigh escaped the taller girl's lips and Amanda guessed that poor Jenny was still fulky horny after pleasuring her. She broke the hug and pulled the duvet off her bed. She looked over her shoulder "Your turn now kitten".

She jumped onto the mattress and Jenny followe, soon the two were kissing gently but Amanda only had one thing in mind and she wanted it to set a tone for the rest of their relationship. She manoeuvred herself on top on Jenny, looked into her eyes and said "Jenny...do you trust me".

Amanda was looming over her, Jenny looked up. A million things had happened, far too many to process. Jenny was running on pure adrenaline and going with her heart. She didn't want to stop this, she didn't want to spoil it...she just want the ride to continue. She merely said "Yes Mistress Amanda".

Amanda breath caught in her throat...it was the first time Jenny had used her name and her new title together. She tried not to psycho-analyise but there were so many connotations, she had demiberately used Jenny's real name to cut through to the reality of the situation. To emphasise that this wasn't a game...Jenny had responded to Mistress Amanda, was she acknowledging that Amanda was Jenny's Mistress...or was it just a throwaway thing? Despite all the manipulation and control Jenny was still surprising her and it was wonderful.

Amanda reached into her bedside cabinet and pulled out a patterned silk scarf. She took Jenny's wrist and wrapped it around before pulling her arm up to the wrought iron headboard and tieing it there. As she did this she unwittingly dangled her breasts in front of Jenny's face and the submissive girl took the opportunity to kiss their curves and run her tongue over her nipple. Although she'd only just climaxed Amanda was becoming aroused all over again, it seemed this relationship was not going to be as one-sided as she'd envisioned. She took the other end of the scarf and tied the other wrist to the other corner of the headboard and then, using all her willpower pulled her breasts away from Jenny's teasing mouth. Jenny let out a pouting "ohh" of disappointment and it was all Amanda could do to resist jumping on Jenny and demanding another round of oral worship.

She got off the bed and Jenny writhed pulling at her bonds. Amanda quickly dimmed the lights and lit some of the candles she had in her room. "Perfect" she thought before climbing on to the bed once more and kissing her helpless submissive lover. She enjoyed a long drawn out french kiss and began letting her hands wander across Jenny's body. Before too long she began concentrating on her breasts, cupping them and stroking the perky nipple which were soon swollen and sticking up from her chest.

She took that as her queue to move her mouth down to them taking one gently in her mouth while playfully punching the other...from the groans and purrs of pleasure eminating further up the bed it was clear that Jenny was surrendering herself to the moment. It was perfect for Jenny a mixture of relief and a hedonistic rush. She had barely any experience of being with another woman and yet what she'd done to Amanda was earth-shattering...it turned her on so much knowing how deeply her friend had cum, now the bondage added an extra thrilling dimension it it. She tensed her body and arched her back as Amanda's mouth found her nipple and an orgasm coursed through her. She pulled at the bonds imprisoning her. "Oh fuck" she thought "i want this...i want everything".

Amanda slipped her hand under Jenny's back and began kissing downwards. Soon her mouth hovered over the delicate thatch of gingerish hair above Jenny's groin "that will soon be shaved and depilatoried" she decided. She planted a gentle kiss on the hair and a wild fantasy about Jenny having "Amanda's kitten" tattooed there formed in her mind. The notion instantly made her pussy tingle, one to explore another time" she thought.

The kiss focused Jenny's mind too...this was absolutely definitely going to happen. Full mutual lesbian sex, with her best friend. Not a fantasy, not a game...she had been seduced and lead gere but she was a desperately willing particant, she was giving herself to this.

The kisses continued and became more intimate until Amanda was lapping away at her pussy and Jenny was squirming against her restraints. At the same time, unkown to Jenny, Amanda was gently stroking her own pussy making this an itimate, mutual lovemaking.

It was perfect, thought Amanda, as Jenny's moans turned into cries of joy. From now on whenever possible Jenny's orgasms would involve some sort of bondage...she was obviously loving it. Whilst Jenny's oral skills had been hesitant and exploratory Amanda had much more experience and so worked Jenny's pussy with every trick in the book. Her lover was soon writhing and screaming in ecstacy...until tonight she had never heard Jenny swear, now she heard her cry "OH YES, oh fuck, OH FUCK...FUCK ME...Oh god yessss" as she was subjected to round after round of cunnilingus. It brought Jenny to the peak of orgasm and as it did Amanda brought her wet, pussy juice covered hand up to Jenny's slit and gently began probing.

The tongueing continued but the ectra pleasure from the penetration had Jenny shreiking with pure raw animal fuck-lust. Amanda revelled in her lover's pleasure but savoured another, secret thought. The idea of her wet fingers coming straight from her pussy to Jenny's was shockingly arousing as she thought of their respective juices mingling. It was a truly beautiful as she felt Jenny buck and shudder and roar with pleasure as her whole body pulsed with her climax...a flush of hot, salty ejaculate gushed into Amanda's mouth and she swallowed every drop hungrily. She throttled back her tongueing to a gently, post-coital adoration and withdrew her fingers.

After a long blissful silence Amanda slithered her way up the bed. Their eyes met but neither said anything. Jenny was still panting with exhaustion. Amanda held her slick, wet fingers in front of Jenny and gently pressed them against her lover's lips. Jenny didn't resist in the slightest, she just took fingers into her mouth and sucked ...her eyes locked on Amanda's the entire time. It was perfect, intimate moment after all the room-shaking debauchery. Jenny tasted herself on Amanda's fingers...another small reminder of the total all-encompassing life-changing events of the evening. The fingers withdrew and Amanda moved in for more kissing. This time she tasted herself more thoroughly...she pulled involuntarily at the scarf restraining her wanting to throw her arms around Amanda and just hug her and hold her. The immobility served as a reminder that she was submissive to her Mistress in this so she laid back and enjoyed the kiss.

Eventually Amanda broken the kiss and rested her forehead against Jenny's with her eyes closes. Jenny lay there too dwelling for the first time of the enormity of what had happened tonight. Before long Amanda untied the scarf and the two hugged.

"We really need to talk about this....but, not tonight" said Amanda and she skipped from the bed to blow out the candles and retrieve the duvet. The two curled up together spooning, their tired, sweaty bodies sticking and slithering against each other with Amanda wrapping both arms around Jenny in a hot, tight hug.

It was Jenny who broke the silence "Night Mistress"

Amanda sniffed and croaked out "night Kitten" as she blinked away tears of sheer joy.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Lost in Fashion - Part 14.3

Jenny hadn't even took her key when she dashed out of the flat earlier so she had to buzz the intercom to gain entrance. She was dreading it and anticipated a frosty conversation or at least a lecture of some sort before being allowed in. Instead a simple clunk greeted her as the door was unlocked almost the instant she pressed the button.

As she climbed the stairs to the top floor (Amanda's apartment was a very large, grand affair occupying the entirety of the top floor) she felt herself tense. How could she look Amanda in the eye after what had happened? She had gone over the whole mess in her mind as she walked back...there was no way to avoid the elephant in the room, she had been caught with her best friend's worn panties under her pillow...there was simply no good way for this conversation to proceed.

She had actually toyed with the idea of somehow blaming Georgina and Heidi for the panties being there but that would be pretty reprehensible and, besides, simple did not make sense. No she had to face the music.

What had thrown her most was the last message...after pleas to "Jenny" from "Amanda" the message to "kitten" from " Mistress" had brought her up short. What did that say about Amanda's mindset? The whole Mistress/kitten thing had been, in Jenny's mind at least, her own idea but Amanda had embraced it. How had that coloured Amanda's perception of finding her own soiled underwear tucked under her housemate's pillow. She shuddered as she went over the moment she'd seen them in Amanda's hand. She had used them to masturbate, held them to her face and hungrily breathed in the scent..."oh shit" thought Jenny, she had even licked them. What had gotten into her.

She reached the landing and was about to knock when it swung open revealing a timid looking Amanda. The tension was appalling between two people who were usually as close as sisters. eventually Amanda tried to break the stand-off with a lame joke "kittens that run away might need microchipping?" She said. Jenny merely smiled tightly so Amanda swung the door open further and said "Let's talk".

Jenny shuffled into the living room and sat down in an armchair, Amanda followed and sat on the coffee table directly in front of her...their knees almost touching. Jenny looking up and realised that Amanda was still wearing that lurid French maid outfit, a flicker of amusement at the ridiculousness of their respective outfits. Amanda dressed like a character from a burlesque show and Jenny dressed like a bimbo fuck-bunny.

Amanda noted the half-smile and looked down at herself "Yes" she said "I definitely should have changed" and the two smiled for the briefest moment. Then it was time for Amanda to get down to business, she reached behind herself and produced the panties "So..." she said

Jenny flushed visibly and looked down, anywhere apart from at the pantie. Amanda pressed on "So is this a sex-thing?"

Jenny looked up, her mind was racing...a million things she thought of saying, a million things she wanted to say. The silence stretched out before Jenny closed her eyes and let it all out "I am so sorry...you must think I am some sort of deviant...it's just......well...everything's been a sex thing since I moved in, like everything...the clothes, the women in the restaurant, the guys in the bar, the way everyone looks at me, calling you Mistress...that makes me want to squirm, there's Georgina and Heidi...Fucking Georgina....she pounced on me the second she saw me, in the fucking library. I am sorry I didn't tell you last night, I wanted to. Her hands were literally all over me. Everything has been about sex, I have been climbing the walls.....and then..." Jenny had started her confession now and there was no stopping "...there is this woman......on twitter......She's been giving me challenges....that was the latest....steal your panties and..." Jenny stopped abruptly, her confession had taken them both by surprise but she fell short of revealing the full details of what she'd done with the panties.

Amanda didn't need telling however, for starters she had watched the whole performance on her hidden cameras. She finished the sentence for Jenny "...masturbate? Did you masturbate while holding them kitten?"

Jenny closed her eyes, the humiliation was almost overwhelming but she knew she had to confess everything to Amanda now, the fact she had called her "kitten" made Jenny open her eyes. It was almost a challenge, a question. Jenny had just off-loaded all the erotic torment she'd been enduring recently and Amanda had immediately used her submissive moniker. "oh God" she thought...there were just too many things happening her, it was too much to process in real time. Instead she surrendered to her instincts, she nodded "Yes Mistress".

Amanda almost lept for joy at Jenny's response. She had heaped so much on Jenny over the past few days, she had been terrified she would revert to her previous vanilla normality as a means to escape. Instead she still acquiesced to her submissive role. It was time to pull her in, this would be make or break for them but Amanda wanted it too much not to take the risk. The traps had all backed Jenny into a corner, it was make or break now.

She reached back onto the coffee table and pulled forward a book, it was "Surrendering to Submissiveness" one of the ones Georgina had given Jenny in order to humiliate her even further in the library. At the time Georgina had been randomly picking books out but this one was exactly what Amanda needed to further control the situation between them. "I hope you don't mind but I have been reading your book" she held up the D/s manual for Jenny to see. Jenny frowned for a second and then began trying to explain but Amanda quickly shushed her and continued "From now on you do not masturbate without permission kitten, the book is very specific on this. Do you agree to this?"

Once again Jenny was getting swept along without time to think...there was something else, she could feel her excitement building as Amanda became more strict, she thought back to her conversation earlier. The words "Kitten is who you are" rang round her head. She looked up and Amanda, she was basically announcing she was taking control of her sexuality. The connotations were huge and yet Amanda was still allowing Jenny in her house after discovering her secret perversions. Jenny nodded in agreed, Amanda reached up and stroked her cheek saying "Say it"

Jenny was almost in a dream now, too many surreal things were happening, it was beyond exciting...she tingled as Amanda stroked her face. She felt she could cum there and then at the thought of surrendering and surrendering to Amanda of all people, she tried to get her breathing under control and said "I agree Mistress....no......" even saying the word was a huge taboo but she knew she had to "...No masturbating without permission".

Amanda smiled, if Jenny was turned on Amanda was experiencing fireworks as the object of her obsession submitted to her dominance. This was beyond perfect, she had Jenny exactly where she wanted now. There was no escape, it was time.

Amanda let the seconds draw on before speaking "There is something I have to tell you now kitten.". Jenny looked puzzled so Amanda reached down and held Jenny's hand as she continued "Finding the panties, thinking about you masturbating with them..." Amanda's voice cracked as the emotion welled up, she bit her lip. It was her turn to flush now but she held Jenny's gaze and slowly pulled their hands towards her "...It's the most turned on I've ever been in my life" she continued gently bring Jenny's hand towards her, between her legs. She parted her thighs and continued to draw Jenny in until her hand touched her hot, damp panties. As contact was made Jenny's breath became ragged and Amanda let out a yelp of arousal. Amanda whispered "It's not just you who has been hot". She held Jenny's hand against her pantie clad pussy waiting for a response. Gently, almost imperceptibly Jenny moved her hand up and down in the most delicate of stroking motions. It was enough. Amanda leaned forward and pressed her lips to Jenny's. She released Jenny's hand and moved both hands to her cheeks. Jenny lets her hand stay against her housemate and best friend's pussy and indeed pressed a tiny bit harder.

Amanda let out a sigh of pleasure and began kissing Jenny more intensely. The two of them surrendered to the moment. Their tongues danced and Jenny moved her hand inside Amanda's panties and the sighs became moans...Amanda was losing herself in this perfect moment. She broke the kiss for the merest of seconds "Never run away from me again kitten"