Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Perfect Agent - Chapter 10

Matt tried to process what had just happened...within a few minutes he had cracked the case and gained a major lead on the whereabouts of Agent Phillips and the "Femitropin" project then he had received a virtually open invite get to ground-zero of the whole mystery.

Cassie sached around the table and slid onto his lap and wrapped her arms around him. She wore a fresh coating of her ever-present perfume and pulled his head onto his chest and kissed the top of his head "We are going to have so much fun together" she purred.

Matt knew he had to take this opportunity but he also had to get message back to Verity and Samantha back at HQ. He wrapped his arms around Cassie and said "I can't wait".

They embraced for a short while then Matt said "I'll just need to find my phone and text my boss about going away and then go home to get my passport". He knew his phone was in his coat but he hadn't seen that since the journey home from the club last night.

Cassie looked down at him a smiled "I'll have Claudia find your phone but you won't need your passport. Private airfield, private jet...you travel first class when you travel with me darling".

Some minutes later Claudia brought his phone and Matt was relieved to see it still had some charge...not much but just enough to send a message to the number Samantha had given him. He stood looking out over London and, making sure he wasn't being observed quickly typed "suspect VP in Geneva. Leads on scientists and femitropin there also. Traveling there with CdM. Private plane. Investigated Kali Lab in Geneva"

He clicked send and breathed a sigh of relief, moments later the battery died but he was sure the message had gone.

Whilst he had been doing this Cassie and Claudia had been busy. They return with some clothes for Matt. Cassie smiled "We couldn't well have you being seen in public with leather trousers and a lipstick covered vest now could we...We got you this"

"This" consisted of a hoodie, some light slip-on shoes and a pair of thin cotton trousers. There was no socks or underwear. As Matt dressed, Cassie maintained her stroking and fondling, she kissed his neck and said "Whilst we travel you lessons can continue darling" she snaked her hand into the pocket of Matt's trousers and he quickly learnt that there was no lining as Cassie's hand began stroking his cock. As she did this Claudia re-appeared with a black length of fabric. She passed it to Cassie and then snaked her hand into the other pocket of the trousers taking over the gentle masturbation from her employer. This left Cassie free to dangle the fabric in front of Matt "These are wrist restraints...whilst we are traveling you are going to be totally at our mercy, is that okay?"

Matt, had little choice, he had to get to Geneva and his only hope was to follow Cassie's lead. He nodded hesitantly and was rewarded with a kiss for his new dominatrix. Soon she had restrained his wrists through the front pocket of the hoodie. Although he was helpless a casual observer would not notice anything out of place. Five minutes later they were in the lift heading down to the garage. The final touch to Matt's outfit was a pair of sunglasses with the lenses blacked out and a set of headphones. As the lift doors closed Cassie attached an mp3 player and started playing a series of wonderfully filthy erotica audiobooks.

Although Matt couldn't see it she looked at her latest project and smiled "Perfect she thought"

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  1. Finally, a new part!
    i´m looking already forward to the next.
    This seems to be my favorit story of yours.


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