Monday, 19 June 2017

Lost in Fashion - Part 15.1

The two girls slept in each other's arms for the second night running. This night was totally different to the last one however...both of them lay there for the longest time thinking about what had just happened.

Jenny snuggled her body back into Amanda's and felt the curves and warmth. She had just had sex with Amanda...AMANDA. She mused that she probably almost had a crush on this rich, confident sexy raven-haired girl even before they become close friends. Since her finances had deteriorated and she had dropped out of college social life Amanda had become her only real friend on campus and the two had become inseparable. Now they'd just had sex....and what sex it was. It had literally rocked her fireworks, judging from Amanda's reaction to her first ever experience of giving cunnilingus the feeling had been mutual, at the very least. Jenny's mind was alive with possible futures...what would happen tomorrow and how would their relationship change.

For Amanda's part she lay with Jenny's slender body spooning hers and wrapped her arm around her middle. She was happier than she could remember...she had lived an opulent life revolving primarily around pleasure and hedonism, this had only increased since she had arrived at University and become friends with Georgina and her debauches social circle. This was different though...Jenny was hers now. She had been taken with the shy, self-conscious girl since they first met. She was infatuated with the timidity with which she carried her delicate beauty and prodigious talent for her chosen subject. Finding her secret online persona as a submissive bisexual had cemented the deal. Jenny's fate was sealed...she would belong to Amanda one way or the other.

Now Amanda had her where she wanted she just needed to lead her further down the rabbit-hole and further under her control. She was actually surprised how willing Jenny had been. She suspected she had a young lover only too eager to be a sex-slave...just the thought turned her on and Amanda considered waking Jenny too coax her into another round of lovemaking. No, she decided, best rest and continue the seduction in the morning.

Hours later a half-conscious Jenny felt Amanda's grip on her tummy tighten slightly and her body press tighter against her back. The memories came flooding back in an instant. The humiliation and despair turning to confusion then lust...then hunger...then ecstasy. It had all happened...her and Amanda had made love. She heard Amanda let out a long sigh then felt a kiss on her shoulder, then another, then one one the nape of her neck. She purred in response and Amanda gently bit her ear and whispered "Regrets kitten?"

The fact she'd used kitten instead of Jenny registered immediately but there was time to dwell on it. Jenny squirmed her way round and kissed Amanda on her her full, plump lips, "Not for a second" she answered.

Amanda smiled broadly and kissed her back, briefly she pressed her tongue into Jenny's mouth and they french kissed for a time before Amanda retreated gently biting Jenny's lip as she pulled away "Worries then?"

This question caught Jenny of guard She frowned and said "What do you mean?"

Amanda smiled "Well a few weeks ago we were 'Jenny' and 'Amanda', then we were 'kitten' and 'Mistress'....then last night I had you tied naked to me bed....."

Jenny kissed Amanda and said "That was my favourite bit" and giggled as Amanda raised an eyebrow "What about you?" she enquired

It was Amanda's turn to be lascivious now "My only fear is that I could get addicted to that tongue of yours...which reminds me, don't you mind me being a greedy bitch?" she said and brought her hands up to Jenny's shoulder and began pressing downward. The meaning was clear and Jenny smiled then slithered downwards to deliver her second ever round of cunnilingus. This time Amanda's thighs and pussy were hotter and more sweaty and musky but it was still a huge thrill to feel the pleasure shuddering through Amanda's body. Thirty minutes later Amanda was panting with post-coital satisfaction and Jenny was kissing her way back up Amanda's body to come up for air.

The two lay there dozing sligthly, there sweaty bodies plastered together. Eventually Jenny roused herself "I'll make breakfast" and stepped out of bed. Amanda watched her go "Kitten? I know we are going to have to talk about this but I want you to know that that was the best, most glorious sex I've ever had". Jenny's smile lit up the room and hearing this and Amanda reached down beside the bed and pulled up the scarf that just hours earlier had been tying Jenny to the bed "Whatever we decide would you keep this?"

Jenny's smiled got even broader as she looked at the beautiful girl she'd just spent the night with, she took the scarf and quickly wrapped it over her neck and down her front to make a makeshift halter-neck top significantly less revealing than the one she had been wearing yesterday then left to fix them some food.

As she moved to the kitchen she grabbed her phone and noted it had just enough battery power to send a tweet to @kthedomme

@KtheDomme i think we are are going to be okay, will tell you more when I have time 

About 20 minutes later she returned with a tray bearing two cups of coffee and two bowls of porridge. "I am sorry but this is the best I could do, we still need to go shopping".

They sat eating their breakfast, Amanda in bed and Jenny say on the dressing table stool, eventually Amanda broke the silence and said "So..." leaving the question hanging in the air.

Jenny surprised her by taking the initiative "So..., I don't know what you think but I really don't want this to be a one time thing" she said, she looked down as she said it away from Amanda avoiding eye-contact. It didn't matter, it was enough for Amanda.

"Me either, but....." Amanda paused in her reply, then pressed on "...I loved it last night...I mean loved it. Everything about it. Having you there, between my legs, tied to my bed....I am worried that it will make me this bossy, controlled, demanding person....I want to think about things today and do some reading and then we can talk later. Does that sound okay?"

Jenny looked at Amanda, it was clear why she had called her "kitten" earlier now...the dynamic with Amanda in control was undoubtedly first and foremost in Amanda's mind. This made things different...more intense, but then again last night had been amazing on every level. She nodded and Amanda smiled.

They finished their porridge and Amanda quickly put the bowls on the dressing table. She took Jenny by the hand and grinned "Big advantage to more waiting for the shower" and leader them to the bathroom.

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